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How much does Google Plus matter for the SEO performance of your property?

The process that is called search engine optimization (or SEO) is a combination of all online and offline techniques through which search engines scan and index websites and feature them in the top results. Being in the top results is critical both for the organization and people. Besides, it offers a free marketing and promotion advantage.

SEO techniques can be grouped into two. The first one involves drawing the attention of the search engine by using the words most searched, category names as well as names of natural and legal persons within texts and/or tags on the page that is scanned. The other group includes redirections from the other websites to this one. The latter is significant especially nowadays when social networks have become the primary media channel for Internet marketing.

Let’s discuss Google Plus now. Well, you actually should not overlook Google Plus, which is sometimes underestimated due to the lower number of users compared to that of Facebook and Twitter, champions of the Internet realm. Why is that?

Google Plus links have a much greater impact on your website’s incoming traffic than you assume. It might seem that Google has introduced this social network as a rival against leaders of the market, but it actually uses this for another purpose as well: to provide data input for algorithms compiling Google search results. In other words, a firm’s popularity data acquired from the links on Google Plus directly affect the results listed by the leading search engine. We can list the contributions of this network to Google as follows:

– To improve and bolster search engine results by collecting more information from Google users,

– To monitor and update the data about online activities and interests of a user logging into Google Plus, as the account of that user is connected to all other Google services,

– The fact that web pages shared via the ‘+1’ button provide more reliable data for Google.

In conclusion, Google Plus is a data capturing platform for Google. The brands that use this platform properly and effectively have a higher index rank not only on social media but also on the Google search engine. Furthermore, the posts you share on your Google Plus account are more visible and attractive in terms of graphics. For instance, each of them has a ‘follow’ button so that a user can start keeping up with your page with one click. This feature is not that practical in either of the two other social networks.

With regards to marketing your property, the main conclusion that you should draw from the above-mentioned points is this: You should not confine yourself to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest when performing SEO and SMO activities. Keep in mind that Google is still a leading search engine with an overwhelming share and Google Plus is one of the main platforms that provides data for this search engine.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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