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How online guest comments may affect the fate of your property

The changes and developments that have taken place in Internet technologies over the last few years have transformed how potential guests use social media and their expectations from properties. They use the Internet more effectively, are more prudent about their comments, and care more about other user comments now.

This provides a significant opportunity for us to observe if they are satisfied with properties as well as their expectations. An independent research company has published a study involving the analysis of about 14 million comments. The results of this research reveal the priorities of today’s potential guest profile when searching a property to stay at. We would like to share the results of this research that may provide guidance for the marketing activities and services of property owners.

Good services but bad connection

One of the results of the research suggests that guests have become more satisfied with the comfort and services offered at a property. Satisfaction scores have risen year-over-year.  However, one detail should be noted. The comments analyzed show that guests complain about the Internet services. Obtaining a lower year-over-year score across almost all countries, Internet connection satisfaction is an indicator of needs emerging in this aspect.

The increase in the number and length of comments

Increase is observed globally in the number of user comments. As users care more about the comments on the Internet, properties have started to focus more on them. Consequently the number of comments on properties went up remarkably in 2013. Besides, guests write their comments in more detail now, which means that the number of words in the comments has also increased.

The number of 5-star comments decreases

We have stated that the number of positive comments has increased in general, but the number of  5-star comments has decreased. Experts believe that this stems from increased guest expectations. It is estimated that they score a bit lower rather than 5 stars for full-satisfaction to indicate their expectations to properties.


Such comprehensive research reveals how important user comments are. You should build user trust by encouraging them to write comments so that your property will receive more online bookings. In addition, improving the qualify of Internet access service in your property will also help you receive positive comments.

All the efforts you put into receiving positive comments will definitely increase the number of your online bookings. Having a website infrastructure with a virtual POS feature is critical to achieve this. HotelRunner is a platform that can provide this easily for you. Also, your property will make a difference on the Internet thanks to tens of features such as preset themes, SEO support and property management support. Sign up now to see HotelRunner‘ difference.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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