How should you use the flowers to ornament your property?

If you think you need to make lots of changes to create a fresh and luxurious vibe in your hotel’s decoration, you might be wrong. With various flower designs, you can create an atmosphere where your guests will feel better after taking the first step into your hotel.

Using flowers is both an easy and an effective method to enhance your hotel’s decoration. You can flowers, which you usually remember on special days, to bring happiness to your guests. As HotelRunner, we have collected a number of tips as to the use of flowers in your property.

1. Use of flowers in the lobby

The flowers you will use in your lobby can welcome your guests before you do by creating a warm welcoming atmosphere. You can use flower arrangements of different sizes and types on tables, in harmony with the overall design and size of your lobby. Also, small potted trees put in various corners of your lobby can make your guests feel like they have entered into a natural environment where they can relax.

2. Designs reflecting local features

It might be a smart choice, especially for boutique hotels, to prefer flower designs that reflect the characteristics of their region. Seeing these different flowers would make an extraordinary experience especially if your guests are not familiar with the region.

3. Ever-fresh flowers

If you are using natural flowers, you should be careful to prevent the flowers from looking withered. This is because your guests might think that you don’t pay much attention, which runs contrary to the impression you hope to create. You should replace the flowers used in common areas like lobby and restaurant at times of lower guest presence. This way, you can show them that you always offer a relaxed atmosphere, without disturbing them.

4. Different arrangements for guestrooms

After welcoming your guests in an intimate environment, you can use flowers in harmony with the overall decoration to maintain the same atmosphere. You can use small bundles or small pots of flowers without limiting their space by considering the room size. Flower care is critical for flowers used in guest rooms. One should not neglect to care and change flowers regularly, just like cleaning a room.

Property decoration is among the top things your guests pay attention during their stay. The furniture and other items in the rooms are among the most significant factors determining the quality of a room for a guest. Flowers can help you when complementing your decoration and creating an intimate vibe. Also, you can feature different flower designs you create on your website. You can take the advantage of the impact of flowers in hotel images you will share on your social media accounts, particularly on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

HotelRunner is there for you to use social media and other online channels in the most proper way. You can create a website for your property and start accepting online bookings by creating your HotelRunner account to enjoy a perfect platform with every detail elaborated on.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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