How to boost profitability in hotel management?

Hotels use a wide range of methods to enhance their profitability and stand out one step ahead in the tourism industry. Each hotel has different kinds of needs in terms of technology. Therefore, ways to boost profitability varies according to the strategies tailored for each property and also to the techologies serving for such strategies.

HotelRunner continues to produce tailored alternatives to cover the needs of all kinds of hotels by taking the advantage of the latest technologies across the industry. Let’s have a look on the methods to boost profitability and useful technologies with HotelRunner, which provides solutions for entrepreneurs owning multiple hotels and business managers performing sales on multiple channels.

Manage multiple businesses from one panel

Simultaneous management of multiple businesses in hotel management and the ability show available room to guests might seem to be impossible. However, you can benefit this service through the group hotels system of HotelRunner.

Use only one page to display all online activities, availabilities and available rooms of your hotel, and lead your customers to preferring one of your properties more easily. You can also allow them to query the rates and visit each hotel website individually through redirection from one single page.

Check your business’ sales channels with channel manager

You are bearing a huge responsibility to manage the sales channels of hotels and avoid the risk of double booking when attempting to increase online bookings.  You would like it if a channel manager bore such a responsibility, wouldn’t you? Well, HotelRunner aims to increase the number of potential customers and occupancy rate of hotels with its two-way channel manager.

Boasting an innovative two-way integration system, this channel manager enables your hotel to be part of the competition across a global platform. With channel manager, it is possible to connect to the major online booking sites in the world and manage your hotel’s Facebook account and status on all other online booking sites. Channel manager also supports a great number of features including room features, different pricing options, room sales and availability, as well as booking changes. Now it is awaiting you under the expertise of HotelRunner as the most effective system to cover your hotel’s needs.

Why wouldn’t you also benefit from all these amenities? As a prominent hotel business you can also accelerate your activities and grow your business with HotelRunner. Create your account now and benefit from the latest technologies offered in the industry immediately.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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