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How to build a marketing plan for online travel agencies?

Digitalization has a major role in the development of the tourism industry in our country as it continues to develop in many other fields including health, culture, sports and more. As the technology develops, online travel agencies, hotels and other properties enable us to book anytime from anywhere, obtain information about travel destinations and consider accommodation alternatives in these destinations.

This development leads to an increase in the number of people preferring OTA’s and book digitally, while the industry grows. However, it is critical to make sure to develop the right marketing plan and make a distinction to stand out in the industry, considering that the competition between OTA’s becomes fiercer.

If you intend to surpass your rivals in the competition as an OTA and access your target group more effectively but don’t know where to get started, use these HotelRunner-signature tips.

Setting achievable goals

Setting a goal is the first step into marketing plans for companies from all industries.  At this point, setting a goal encourages all the departments reinforcing your OTA’s sales and steer the efforts. However, one significant point is to make sure that these goals are reasonable.  If you determine overly-lofty goals for your OTA’s marketing plan, the numbers that are not achieved might reduce the motivation. Therefore, you had better get started with realistic achievable goals.

Preparing an original website

Websites are definitely vital for online travel agencies. If the site is visually charming and rich in content, it will evoke a positive impression vis-à-vis the visitors. Therefore, your visitors spend more time on your website, and become more likely to go for booking. So, your content and what you offer must be original and different compared to that of competing OTA’s. This will increase the possibility that you are preferred and generates loyal customers.

Using social media effectively

In our era, social media has become a point of focus for all the industries when building their digital marketing strategy. Social media has affected the digital environment with dynamism and offers immense opportunities to boost engagement. It has now become an essential necessity for OTA’s as well. Through social media, you can also share with your followers the payment methods, campaigns and brand new routes you offer, while increasing the number of your bookings.

Attention to the content

For OTA’s, content is among the most significant factors increasing the charm of holiday routes. If you tap into effective content and let holiday planners know about their possible holiday experience, what is awaiting them and how all these will contribute to them, it will be effective to lead them to booking.

You can also utilize these tips and determine the right marketing strategies for your online travel agency. When putting their marketing plans into practice, many online travels agencies prefer receiving consultancy services from corporations specialized in their field, like HotelRunner.  If you also want to claim your position in the digital world and stand out in your industry, well, create your free-of-charge demo account on HotelRunner now and move your travel agency to the Internet immediately.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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