How to build customer loyalty in the accommodation industry

Every investor would like to grow their business, which is not surprising at all. The case remains the same for the accommodation industry as well. A manager makes countless investments to bring new guests to his accommodation property. In our blog, we frequently cover marketing activities that can be made on the Internet to this end. Nevertheless, you should be as much invested in being preferred by your guests a second time as in gaining new guests.

Properties that manage to build customer loyalty not only guarantee recurring sales, but also boost their brand recognition through word of mouth marketing.

Securing such a reputation might be easier than you think. As HotelRunner, we have prepared related tips for you to benefit from and use to maximize customer loyalty as much as possible.

Predicting the expectations of your guests

If you want to predict what kind of expectations your potential and existing guests might have from your property, you should know these guests very well. Classifying them by their tendencies is one of the most-commonly used methods in this regard.

You can get the chance to create an overall guest profile through your property’s website, social media accounts or the e-mails sent by them. To do this, you should find what your guests like and what they don’t prefer. Once you manage to create one or several guest profiles, it will become easier to understand and predict their expectations from you.

Service quality

Service quality is already a key aspect for the accommodation industry. But how can you make a difference in service quality to extend the list of loyal guests?

The answer to this question has to do with feedback. You can find out if your guests are satisfied with your service by contacting them through social media or e-mail. If you can learn the reasons behind the negative comments and resolve the related issue quickly, they will feel that you are really concerned about them and eager to solve their problems.

Cordial and patient staff

The most crucial aspect you should keep in mind about Human Resources is to properly select people who can be attentive to your guests. A cooperative and eager staff member can create a positive impact on the impression of your property in your guests’ mind. It is vital for you to adopt this as a corporate culture and train your staff members on customer satisfaction.

The powerful effect of appreciation

With small gestures, it can be possible to keep the interest of your guests in your property alive if you have a specific target audience that prefers your property. You can send an e-mail to thank them so that you can show how much you appreciate them since they preferred you or you can reward them with a wide range of discounts or gifts during their next stay. Thanks and gifts are cost effective, yet very effective too.

Customer loyalty is among the most important criteria determining the long term success of a property. In addition to the abovementioned tips,  if you have a website that is both practical and enjoyable and if you can accept online bookings from such a website to achieve direct sales your job will become much easier.  With its advanced features and peerless support, HotelRunner can help you convert your property online and manage it in the best way. You can create your account now to see what HotelRunner can offer you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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