How to choose a skilled hotel manager?

To be a part of the hotel management, one needs to be acquainted with the job and manage the power granted to him/her in the most proper way, which is beyond academic trainings and certificate programs.

If one wants to be effective in management, s/he should not only have a grasp of the strategy on this subject, but also should follow an efficient and proper method for human relations. It is not easy to find people with these qualifications as well as select them from among all applicants.

Hotel managers are generally expected to exercise their authority in the most effective way. They need to be competent not only in management, but also in supervision, analysis, awareness. For instance, when people solve any problem – whether slight or big – in the shortest and most flawless way upon a customer complaint, it means they follow the correct way for hotel management. However, it is not always possible to find such people by merely checking CVs.

Things to minimize fallibility in selecting effective managers might be listed as follows:

Focusing on employees in hotel management

Management can generally be described as a position that obtains achievements through effective communication with employees. A good and effective hotel manager allocates his/her time to have meetings and he is well prepared for one-to-one communications, and listens to complaints and suggestions from employees. This close communication means happier employees who love their job. Happy employees mean enhancing customer satisfaction. Therefore, you may recommend your hotel manager candidates to arrange meetings frequently and communicate effectively.

Achievement requires encouragement

Stressful and depressive employees might lead to inconveniences and dissatisfaction, which might be reflected as a negative energy across all employees and even customers. Therefore, no matter how slight they are, problems should be solved. At least the source of problems should be learnt.

You don’t have to wait until they have a problem when it comes to encouraging your guests. The concept of “employee of the month” is an effective method which supports this POV. You may also provide an idea for your hotel manager about this or the contests to be planned within teams. Through these activities, employees may enhance communication between each other, while experiencing cooperation and team spirit. Being a team and adopting a team approach enhances interaction between employees and the learning process.

Being employed in sales and marketing

An effective hotel manager should assume responsibility also for sales. Making their presence felt, hotel managers working hard with employees may offer alternatives and offer sales department to work together. Hotel managers who have knowledge of digital marketing raise awareness of employees by informing them about social media or how it makes a difference to work with online travel agencies, through which they can accelerate the transition to digital channels.

Taking into account these hints, you may determine the best hotel manager candidate for your hotel. As HotelRunner, we aim to help your property make a progress with active marketing methods and share with you the tips that will allow you to make a difference among your rivals in the service industry. Visit our website to create your free-of-charge account and carry out business to online within seconds.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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