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How to evaluate guest comments within the scope of online reputation management

The number of social media platforms and their users increases each day. Users now share all their opinions and thoughts on these networks. This huge engagement on social networks requires brands to follow these platforms closely to learn about the comments made on them. Such follow-up concerns, especially for businesses engaged in the service industry like hotels, fall into the scope of online reputation management.

In a nutshell, online reputation management is perception and crisis management for property, products, services and people in the digital media. Online reputation management requires expertise in a wide range of subjects including SEO, Internet & social media follow-up, online CRM, use of social media. You must pay attention to it also to enhance your property’s brand image.

Did you know what kind of a method you should follow when evaluating the comments on your website on these digital platforms and how they affect reputation management? HotelRunner has compiled suggestions for you to benefit in this issue.

Assessing complaints and comments individually

One of the most important point regarding online reputation management is the attitude you will follow against negative comments and critics. Customers’ complaints on businesses are indicators of dissatisfaction, but they also show what problem the commenting user addresses and expects to be resolved. At this point, you might expect to turn the complaining customer into a reclaimed customer through the right strategies.

That’s why you must be objective when evaluating the complaints on online platforms and respond consistently. In this context, avoid adopting the similar approach in dealing with, evaluating and responding the complaints and comments if you don’t want to damage the efficiency you can get from posts. So, it is critical to handle and evaluate each complaint individually.

Being active on social networks

A negative comment about your property might have a negative impact on you in terms of both brand image and profitability. Therefore, you had better handle and approach especially the negative comments and fallacious claims separately. At this point, online reputation management experts can eliminate all kinds of information and fallacious claims damaging your brand and help your company regain its reputation. One of the best ways to achieve this is to be on constant alert on social media where millions of people are simultaneously active. If you sincerely respond to each question asked by your followers on social media, the problem can be eliminated.

Responding to the comments

Responding to all kinds of comments on online platforms is essential for online reputation management. Your responses to negative comments and the way you communicate can help you turn the negative situation into a positive one. Of course there might be issues beyond your control here. For instance, if someone criticizes you for your room sizes like “your rooms are small”, you might not be able to change that. However, if someone comments and says “your pools are not hygienic”, you may see why the pool is contaminated and then tell them which action you will take to solve this problem.

Your reputation in the online realm might be affected a lot more positively or negatively than the one on traditional media. It might be a better option to utilize all efforts to provide online reputation management by integrating all communication tools in the digital branding process. HotelRunner supports you for managing your sales channels and increase your bookings in the most effective way by using all digital marketing tools. Create your free-of-charge account now and claim your position in the digital realm immediately.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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