How to get more bookings from by simply uploading availability

It’s no secret that having lots of availability is essential for getting more bookings. Since the audience on ranges from spontaneous bookers to long-term planners, loading forward-looking availability is key to getting seen—and booked—by all types of travelers.

Yes, it’s really that simple: Loading plenty of availability — both long-term and last-minute — means you’re visible to more bookers. That way, you’re much more likely to get bookings. But it’s not just that. The availability you load on gives you a chance to market your property on other channels, not to mention’s thousands of affiliate partner websites — from airlines to comparison websites. So uploading availability allows your property to be seen by an even wider, more global audience. After all, you have to be seen to be booked!

It’s no surprise that lots of travelers like to plan ahead. So if you load availability up to a year, or even 16 months in advance, it is highly likely that you’ll pop up for these bookers. You’ll appear in search results when they’re excitedly looking to book their vacation for the next year. Our advice is to keep your availability loaded for the long term. For example, if you’re a seasonal property, update your availability for the next year before you close up for the season. This way, you can make your property more visible on and continue to receive forward-looking bookings. Thus, you will maintain your current performance and increase your booking revenues.

You can use the Bulk Updates Calendar on your HotelRunner dashboard to update your forward-looking rates and availability easily for all your room and rate types.

Click the button below and make sure your forward-looking rates and availability are up-to-date!


If you need help on how to use the Bulk Updates Calendar, you can click here or contact us.

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