How to grow your property with growth hacking

If you are trying various marketing methods but can’t reap the results you expect, maybe it is time for you to try the trending Growth Hacking methods. With the most basic definition, it is a method aiming to create a stronger effect than traditional marketing by using various strategic marketing and promotion methods.

Enhancing product and service visibility across markets based on social engagement, Growth Hacking can be a basis for your new marketing strategy and enable you to raise awareness.

How can you promote your property with low-budget, creative and catchy growth hacking approaches?

Grow your business with your differences

Businesses that resemble one another are not attractive enough for customers. You should create a difference to stand out among your rivals. You may abandon traditional marketing methods and apply original and different growth hacking methods. Especially content marketing is a suitable method to reveal your differences in an original way.

Highlight your distinctive features and share them so that they are renown. Announce these through your website, social groups, blogs and renowned tourism sites, while ensuring that people are sharing them for you. Place Internet users right in the center of your marketing activities and create creative content, they will share them for you.

The art of “writing headlines”

Try to come up with a more creative slogan to introduce the services you have been providing for years. For instance, what can draw people’s attention in the industry you operate in? Figures or a brand new service category for your property? Maybe both? Reflect on these alternatives.

Determine the industry agenda with the subjects chosen by you. Introduce and discuss these across all channels. Create a difference with an innovative and enterprising approach.

Follow fashion

Why don’t you promote your property with a more entertaining graphic that will go viral instead of writing boring text? These informative documents called “infographics” have been trendy in the recent years. Moreover, they spread among internet users both through electronic messages and social media, while also used in different sources as a reference. Note that when information is not shared, it is not valuable.

Be surprising

It can be effective to surprise and engage with your potential guests unexpectedly if you want to draw their attention. You can achieve this with an innovative concept or a different service you provide. Twitter and Instagram hotels we mentioned before may each be a good example for this.

Growth hacking is based on the principle of applying extraordinary methods to introduce your property to large groups of people in a short time. Of course you will need a reliable platform to benefit from various growth hacking methods in the best way. If you haven’t met HotelRunner yet, create your account now before it’s too late to carry your property to the Internet, promote it and make direct online sales.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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