How to increase your reservations and revenue with a strategic method

To have a greater chance of catering to guests’ needs, properties should adapt to travelers’ demands. Among these demands is offering different prices for a room or unit based on the number of guests staying in it. The pricing per guest model offers a solution that fits this demand exactly.

This pricing model allows properties to optimize their performance and visibility on by catering to the demands of group and solo travelers. They represent two of the highest-value traveler segments and comprise a high proportion of demand. According to’s internal data, 22% of travelers are searching for accommodation with a group of friends while 17% of them intend to stay solo and are more likely to be budget-conscious.

By customizing your pricing to suit these segments, as a property, you can increase your chances of capturing rising demand. Pricing per guest plays a key role in this and helps properties:

  • Increase reservations and revenue through a proven and in-demand solution
  • Become more visible to guests as they match broader search criteria
  • Gain a competitive advantage by offering tailored rates for different traveler types
  • Open bigger and more expensive rooms up to a wider audience and maximize occupancy

Based on our internal study conducted with more than 10,000 properties participating, the total number of booked room nights at our properties increased by 116% from September 2020 to September 2022 with the help of pricing per guest.

HotelRunner was amongst the first partners to implement pricing per guest capability in early 2020. The integration has not only helped our properties connected to to improve performance and boost revenues but also attracted more and more properties to join

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