How to obtain high efficiency from your property’s staff

In the accommodation industry, the quality and standards of service matter as much as a property’s appearance and comfort. Your staff members, who are the visible aspect of your property, are significant representatives of your organization and they also convey and promote your business mission. The sustainability of your service quality depends on the high performance of all staff members.

The success in the processes of welcoming, accommodating and seeing off is considered to have a determining role in enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing the number of bookings.  Your personnel’s service adequacy as well as competency in responding to questions and eliminating problems affects the feedbacks as positively as your property’s total reputation does. So, what are the invisible criteria for efficiency?  How can you benefit from your newly-recruited staff members’ performance to the fullest?  The tips we will give can benefit you.

Trial period

Regardless of the department, the most essential expectations from newly-recruited staff members are related to their speed and efficiency. Starting work on time and being available when needed also matter. Employees who are given different responsibilities within the property cannot concentrate on their jobs fully, so it might be difficult to assess the work performances of such employees. The job descriptions of newly-recruited employees should be made precise and they should be given time to adjust, which will enable a more objective analysis about them.

Trial period is generally 1 to 2 months. You should ask the correct questions to assess your staff members systematically during the trial period:

Does s/he arrive on time for work?
Does s/he care about his/her appearance and comply with the dress code?
Does s/he ask questions to improve his/her skills?
Does s/he take initiatives and seem to be eager to learn?
Does s/he work collaboratively with the existing staff?
Does s/he adopt the standards of his/her department?
Does s/he keep his/her area of responsibility clean and tidy?

On-site observing of employees

As a manager, you might have lots of responsibilities within the property: Payments, calendars, reports… However, you should note that a true performance measurement is best conducted on-site. To achieve this, you can create some routines and try to stick to them, so you can assess the work efficiency of your existing and newly-recruited employees. Within the frame of this routine, you can

Call the property like a customer and try to book from your hotel for dinner or to stay,
Sit in a distant part of your own restaurant and watch your service employees’ interaction with customers,
Monitor the hygiene of toilets and public areas during an extraordinarily crowded day,
Monitor the hygiene of cold storage rooms and packaging and storing conditions for food,
Check if the kitchen staff work in the same discipline earlier or later during the day as they do in busy hours of the day.

Another important criterion for the efficiency of a newly-recruited staff member is his/her ability to work collaboratively both with the managers and the existing staff members. In the corporate culture, non-executive senior employees can assure fulfillment of tasks and responsibilities in the best way. Deploying teamwork as much as possible in the orientation of newly-recruited staff can help this culture be internalized.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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