How valuable is customer loyalty?

Definitely, you will want to see a guest prefer you again after his stay at your property. Usually when your guest leaves your property at the end of his stay with satisfaction, he will prefer your property next time instead of getting into a new adventure, thus you will be able to increase your occupancy rate without putting in huge efforts for marketing thanks to this customer loyalty.

The main reason why a loyal guest is more valuable than a guest who has stayed in your property only for once is as follows:  Loyal guests are quite effective in terms of word of mouth marketing. A loyal guest is perceived as an indicator of high quality service and has a remarkable impact on the reputation of your property.

Companies offering discounts, facilities or promotions for their frequenters have been an established phenomenon.  For instance, users shopping through the loyalty cards of some airlines can travel free-of-charge using their accumulated points.  Some other companies try to maintain customer loyalty through similar practices.

Giving back as much as you take

Just like what airlines do, you can share some part of this value with your customers so that you can ensure sustainable bookings.  There is a wide range of options for you to achieve this: You can offer free-of-charge stays for your repeat customers. You can provide them with VIP services in their second or further visits.  Apart from that, you can create a point-based card system like airlines do and offer free-of-charge accommodation options or additional opportunities within the property once they accumulate sufficient amount of points.

Building loyalty

Loyalty programs can be another way to attract your repeat customers to your property. Thanks to this system, which welcomes them both with a friendly approach and promotions, your guests will be more likely to become loyal to your property.

Your guests will be definitely eager for commenting positively on behalf of you on several social networks in response to satisfactory facilities you will offer.  It is possible to turn this into a benefit. You better have a website with a robust payment and booking infrastructure so that users visiting your website for the first time under recommendation of your satisfied guests will not be disappointed.  This way, you can make use of the traffic directed to your website from different platforms in the most effective way. HotelRunner is ready for providing you with your dream infrastructure for your website. Your property will be represented strongly in the online world once it has a virtual POS support, smart and user-friendly themes and many other practical features. Create your account now to benefit from the facilities of HotelRunner.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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