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How will 2014 turn out to be for your property?

We left behind 2013. And 2014 has already started to hint that it will be different than the previous year. The accommodation industry will probably have to act more swiftly than ever in response to the rapidly-changing expectations of guests.

Understanding change is key to adapting to it. As HotelRunner, we have looked into what awaits the accommodation industry in 2014. The primary goals of properties for this year include accessing new guests and increasing revenues per stay while simultaneously maximizing customer satisfaction and securing recurring bookings. Methods to achieve these goals most easily include: Social media, thinking big and being swift.

Your actions towards these issues will determine how 2014 will turn out to be for your property.

The fastest will win the race

Properties using social media actively can respond to guest comments just within seconds. If you would like to win your guests’ heart this year, you also have to act swiftly.

The power of next-gen guests

In our era, the power and impact of customers have become greater than ever. Earlier businesses could achieve satisfaction through standard services, especially when there used to be limited number of alternatives and communication options for hotel guests to choose from. Now, however, each guest expects customized service, while the number of those content with services below their expectations is decreasing rapidly.

Thinking big

The world is rapidly becoming a global village and its becoming easier to travel.  If you limit your potential guests only to your own country, it will be one of the biggest mistakes you might ­fall into in 2014. A multi-lingual platform will be a great start to promote your property globally.  This year is the year of thinking big for ambitious properties that intend to earn a lot.

Your property is in the pocket of your guests

As HotelRunner, we previously discussed the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices. Users now start planning their travel on mobile devices, follow social media mostly through mobile devices and even book hotel rooms through mobile devices. That’s why HotelRunner provides you with a mobile-compatible website and the option of mobile booking, while helping you fit your property into the pockets of your guests.

The number of direct bookings increases as well

Online direct bookings are expected to increase in 2014. Online agencies are still favored, but properties providing the option of direct booking and sales will be among the winners of 2014.

In 2014, hotels are preparing themselves to claim their share in the international market by expanding their vision. Properties are becoming accessible any time through any platform thanks to social media and mobile devices. If you would like to be among the winners of 2014, you can benefit from the features of HotelRunner enormously. Create your HotelRunner account now and start to have a great year immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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