Increase your earnings in the industry with HotelRunner’s partnership programs

Facilitating accommodation property and agency marketing with its digital solutions tailored for the tourism industry since its establishment in 2011, HotelRunner has carried online booking experience into a whole new dimension. It continues to offer innovative approaches in the tourism industry as a technology company.

HotelRunner has so far enabled over 8.000 properties to sell rooms online across 74 countries and 503 cities, and its role involves far more than providing opportunities for properties and agencies in the tourism industry. Tapping into different kind of partnerships, HotelRunner offers the opportunity to generate revenue for people and companies from various fields of the industry. Let’s have a closer look into the revenue sharing models offered by the top-grossing partnership program in the industry:


Based on performance publishing, the HotelRunner partnership model gives you the opportunity to utilize a custom HotelRunner connection where you can use all the online marketing platforms including Facebook or Twitter and access new customers through e-mailing, media sales and PPC. You will generate revenue through each customer you will bring to HotelRunner through that connection.

By including HotelRunner partnership connections in your blog content, you can generate revenue through your blog as well. This way, you can turn your traffic into revenue by promoting one of the most robust brands in the travel industry. Furthermore, such revenue might actually correspond to a %40 commission rate per customer brought to HotelRunner.

Channel partners

Connection and integration become more significant for the travel industry each day. By becoming a channel partner of HotelRunner, you might have the opportunity to access the ever-growing HotelRunner inventory.

When you become a HotelRunner channel partner, you will have the chance to promote your channel both online and offline. HotelRunner builds a communication line which provides special deals for channel partners through effective marketing campaigns.

Offering a win-win solution, HotelRunner may also pay commission up to 40 percent of the revenue it generates.

Freelancers and agency partners

HotelRunner’s freelancer and agency partnership program provides you with all the infrastructure, integration, support and opportunities for you to strengthen your brand.

HotelRunner brings all the features in one platform for online agencies and hotels to perform online sales. HotelRunner is there for you in every step of the online migration process. As freelancers or agencies engaged in the same industry, you can reap %40 commission from the revenue generated by HotelRunner if you provide HotelRunner as a solution for your customers.

Hotel consultancy partners

If you are a boutique consultancy company or revenue manager, you can also generate revenue through the HotelRunner platform once you sell it as a solution to your customers as our partner.

Besides, if you become our consulting partner, we will help you offer your consultancy proposal as part of your customer success team as well as observe your income, revenue and distribution strategies.

As offered by all these proposals, HotelRunner provides the industry with a wide range of business and partnership opportunities. If you are also willing to take the advantage of HotelRunner through involvement in one of these partnership types and our team, become our partner now to generate revenue.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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