Is it about time to renew your hotel? Here is your checklist…

Errands to run for a hotel do not have an end. Besides working to meet guests’ needs for 24 hours, it is a must to ensure that your hotel delivers the most convenient services for all your guests.

Unfortunately, with time and through intense use of your facilities, some furniture and equipment may be worn out or inoperable faster than expected. And even though everything functions properly, the appearance of furniture and equipment is expected to look like they are brand new in the accommodation industry where presentation means everything.

So, sooner or later, you will need to renew the fixed furniture of your hotel. Then how to get started with it? What should you check while renewing your hotel in order to meet your guests’ expectations in a better way?

What you need to check first

It is normal to see floors wearing off at spaces that never sleep. Worn out floors of the facilities which are in sight most of the time are easy to detect whereas you may miss to check out less commonly used areas and rooms. Therefore, you need to check out the floors of your entire property. It might also be a good idea to see if there is any problem with the walls or illumination.

Keep up with technology

If you want to protect your hotel’s reputation, you cannot afford to provide your guests with technologies that fall through the cracks. If rooms still feature old, tube TVs, change them first. Next generation technologies do not only increase customer satisfaction but also help you save energy, which is the case with TVs, as well.

Bathrooms and toilets

Bathrooms and toilets are without a doubt among the spots that need renewal and maintenance given how abrasive water could be and how important hygiene is. Toilets in common spaces are cleaned and checked on a daily basis. Therefore, you are less likely to go through problems relating to them. However, rooms require specific attention. While renewing, make sure that all the bathrooms and toilets in the rooms are checked as to whether the equipment functions properly. Make also sure that they are free of worn out or humid spots; look tidy, neat and please the eye.

Wireless Internet accessible everywhere

Today, the Internet ranks among the priorities of almost all guests. You definitely need to meet this expectation at your hotel. If your Internet connection is still based on wires, you need to change this situation immediately. Guests today need Wi-Fi to access to the Internet not only via their computers but also via their mobile devices. You need to also make sure that wireless Internet access is offered with the same quality, without any interruption, everywhere in your hotel. Your guests need to be accessing the Internet at the same speed in the rooms, conference halls or even in restaurants.


Commonly used elevators should go through maintenance at certain intervals. If elevators do not look neat, or if they produce scary sounds, you need to address the situation. Moreover, old and slow elevators may cause your guests to immediately lose their tolerance and patience.

Get rid of old dishware

Plates, glasses and other dishware with scratches all over or with inscriptions or ornamentations fading away would be enough to overshadow all the other attractions offered by your hotel. You need to make sure that dishware your guests use always look as if they are new.

We know that all these renewal steps would mean a source of expense for your hotel. However, you need to renew them first for a more profitable business. Moreover, marketing and direct sales opportunities offered by HotelRunner  could help you see that all these attempts pay dividends. Sign up for HotelRunner today and start increasing the sales of your perfect hotel.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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