Is it possible to increase sales by offering free-of-charge breakfast?

Most people, especially those living in large cities and seeking optimal time management, just skip breakfast and have a snack at the office or on their way to work instead. However, this outdated ritual surprisingly makes a comeback and plays almost a determining role in travels. If you check the online booking websites, you will see that more and more hotels are offering ‘breakfast included’ packages.

Surprisingly, both a vacationer and a business traveler first head downstairs and try to catch the open buffet breakfast as soon as they wake up instead of getting on with what they plan to do for the day. Well, when this is the case, the concept we overlook by calling ‘just a breakfast’ actually becomes one of the most essential elements of competition.

Besides, this applies both to business travelers and vacationers. A rich breakfast menu attracts both types of the customers and is becoming one of the highlighted details in property reviews on online review sites.

Two critical warnings
However, there are some details one should not overlook. For example, just like how rich breakfast menus contribute to positive reviews on a hotel, poor breakfast menus will shortly result in unfavorable reviews and ratings.

In addition, a free-or-charge and rich breakfast menu might cause an overwhelming crowd at restaurants during certain hours. If you intend to offer your guests a free-of-charge and rich breakfast, you should also have a plan for the extremely busy hours in the morning.

Breakfast offer begins on your website
Based on our numerous traveling experiences and comments we often encounter, we can easily say that you should share breakfast details on your website and other online channels as much as possible. Assuming that you offer paid and free-of-charge breakfast options, you can first announce the free-of-charge one on social media, while featuring the former on your own website.

Posting the images of the breakfast hall and dinner tables on your website is also pretty effective. If you just cite that ‘open buffet breakfast is included’ and do not bother to explain more when offering a room package, your potential guests will not be able to know anything about that buffet. It might either be just a one-meter small table or actually a feast consisting of 30 trays offered on a ten-meter counter. When checking the hotels that use their breakfast offer as a competition tool, you will see that they definitely share open buffet photos on the Internet.

Of course, whether or not promoting the “breakfast included room price” model is a corporate decision. However, it would be really helpful to offer a paid or free-of-charge rich breakfast and complement this offer with detailed information, images and even with reader reviews.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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