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Is your hotel ready for Valentine’s Day?

February 14 is one of the busiest days for many industries. The same goes for  the accommodation industry as well. Each year, millions of couples prefer spending the night out and going somewhere special to celebrate their relationship.

This year, February 14 corresponds to Friday, so it is possible to turn the celebration into a long-lasting weekend rather than considering it only as a dinner.

Is your property ready to accommodate the couples on one of the busiest days of the year? Thanks to the last-minute hints compelled by HotelRunner for you, you can increase your occupancy rate while presenting an unforgettable Valentine’s Day opportunity for couples.

Create a special campaign

Valentine’s Day is one of the periods when the competition among properties is at its fiercest level. Therefore, there are many alternatives for those who plan to make a surprise for their lover. You can increase your chance in this competition by creating a special campaign. Creating a special package that also includes the weekend can prove particularly effective.

Arrange the rooms specially for the Valentine’s Day

With small last-minute decorations, you can design the room concept in line with this special day.  Candles, red roses, decorative ornaments in the shape of a heart are not only easy to provide in the last minute, but they are also pretty nice details for lovers.

Organize a special night

Your property will thrive with couples if you organize a Valentine’s Day ball.  If you haven’t arranged anything beforehand, hosting a famous artist for this night can be difficult. However, a local orchestra’s setlist consisting of songs that enhance the meaning of this day can be suitable for this night. In the meantime, make sure to prepare a dinner menu special to Valentine’s Day and keep in mind details such as champagne and caviar.

Organize a contest

Valentine’s Day is a time when couples would like to give gifts or present special surprises to each other. You can attract more guests and boost your brand recognition by organizing a contest themed “sending the best photo of you and your love” or “describe how you love him/her with a poem” and accommodating the winners in your property free-of-charge.

And announce all these on social media

Social media is the pathway to announce all these preparations in the most cost effective and quickest way to as many people as possible. You can increase the number of your bookings for Valentine’s Day by sharing your special campaigns, the details of your special night offer or the contest you organize on your social media accounts.

Of course you need a social-media-integrated platform that will allow you to accept direct online bookings and announce your campaigns instantly. HotelRunner can help you with all these issues. Create your HotelRunner account now and do not miss the huge potential of Valentine’s Day.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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