Is your hotel’s website set up to accept online payments?


Being the last step of digital marketing for a property, the booking step can be reached only when customers are able to book easily on a website, which secures online payments. In their need to pay online, from anywhere in the world, with alternative methods like credit card or PayPal, customers pay attention to a good number of criteria in this process, which makes securing online payments the primary key to building a bonding between the customer and property as well.

First of all, user-friendly websites should also boast a practical design whereby customers can access the booking section and perform online payment as they check a website and decide to stay at a property. Therefore, websites with viewing issues and non-mobile-compatible websites might cause you to lose customers. So, if you experience such problems on your hotel’s website, go ahead and facilitate the process for your customers to access booking and online payment section as they decide to stay in your property. Take the necessary precautions to give your customers a peace of mind about your site’s security when facilitating the online payments.

How can you set up a website for secure online payments? As HotelRunner, we have prepared tips for you to this end, so you can have a website suitable for online payment and build customer trust.  Let’s take a look.

Secure online payments

You should make sure that your hotel’s website is designed in a way that secures identity and online payment details. Collaborating with an expert team like that of HotelRunner, you can ensure that your customers can book with a peace of mind when performing their online payment and completing the checkout stages. Being able to perform online payments securely will increase the number of your direct bookings.

Check if page redirections work properly

Your page must be viewed properly, which matters a lot, when your customers perform online payments to book, and as they are redirected to the checkout stage after entering related details. Failure to view the page in the next step might cause your customers have trust issues with your website. Therefore, make sure that your website runs properly on PCs and laptops, and then ensure its mobile-compatibility, and that page viewing for all categories is flawless in stages like the online checkout step.

As offered by the expertise of HotelRunner, websites should be equipped with decent designs, which ensure seamless online checkout steps. HotelRunner also offers free-of-charge booking features while ensuring that your hotel’s website runs properly.

Remember the importance of PayPal

You had better provide alternative online payment options like PayPal, in addition to credit card payment, when it comes to online bookings performed directly through your hotel’s website. Please note that especially foreign customers prefer practical and secure online payment options like PayPal. Therefore, if you feature alternative online payment options like PayPal in your bookings and online payments, the number of your direct bookings will increase.

You can also benefit from HotelRunner’s expertise and services to tailor your hotel’s website for online payments. Create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account now to equip your website with an aesthetic look and top-notch security.


Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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