Key factors influencing the preferences of luxury hotel guests

It may not always be easy for hotel guests to decide on which property to stay at, and the decision can become even tougher when it comes to luxury hotels.

Those planning to stay at a luxury hotel may be less tolerant to unpleasant surprises and disappointments. Therefore, they like to make the best decision for themselves, and avoid risks as much as possible.

To ensure that you host luxury hotel guests for multiple times, it may prove critical to know their priorities as they decide on where they will stay at.

A research carried out by BlusSky Marketing reveals the secrets about this issue. This research involving real reviews by real guests who stayed at 17 different luxury hotels highlights which ones of the 10 criteria plays a bigger role in the choices of guests.

Previous experience is the most significant factor

Previous positive experiences of guests are the most significant factor (23%) in hotel preference criteria, which means that a guest is likely to prefer your hotel next time if you manage to leave them satisfied in their first stay.

Recommendations have a big impact

If a guest does not have any experience about a given property, he/she might follow the recommendations of people he/she knows and trusts. Positive references from your former guests have a big role in influencing people around them, in that they can lead them to prefer your hotel.

This shows that the previous experiences of your guests and their acquaintances have a critical role in their preferences.

Other details

The research also suggests that e-mails and social media marketing, which are quite effective for many properties, have actually a low impact on luxury hotel guests preferences. E-mail marketing has a 5 per cent impact, while social media has a 2 per cent impact.

The research by BluSky highlights how important positive impressions and word-of-mouth marketing can be for luxury hotel marketing. Providing an unforgettable experience for your guests means a lot, satisfied guests will prefer you for another time accordingly and recommend their friends to stay at your hotel.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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