Key strategies to rank higher on OTAs

Nowadays, online booking is becoming more and more the leading concept that all the properties are investing in to reach more guests and expand their sales volumes.

No doubt that the most effective way of receiving bookings for a property is to get them through their own websites. However, the bookings received from OTAs occupy an important place in the total booking volume.

And the most important factor, which has a very beneficial effect on booking volume, is the ranking on these channels.

How to get your hotel at the top of the OTA listings?

Keep your profile up-to-date.

Providing up-to-date information to OTAs is essential. You should transfer your rates and availability in real time to all your OTA partners. Here comes the HotelRunner Channel Manager to lend a helping hand to you. The Channel Manager updates your instant rates and availability automatically on your OTAs. You can also add a web link that leads your potential guests directly to your website (if allowed) to let them make their reservation through your own website.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Have you ever heard of this phrase before? If you want to turn your website visitors into your future guests, you should present your hotel with high-quality photos on your website by working with a professional photographer. Please don’t forget that every single detail about your property, starting from your breakfast menu to your room design has huge influences that drive purchasing decisions.

Create SEO-friendly content.

OTAs use various algorithms to rank hotels on their websites. If you want to keep your property at the top of the search results, you should use SEO best practices on your content.

The best thing that you should do is to follow the algorithms your OTAs use and determine your SEO strategy according these algorithms. 

Determine market-based prices.

Do not forget that guests planning their trips through OTAs waste a considerable amount of time while comparing prices. When you set a more affordable price compared to your competitors, your online channel will also have a relatively higher ranking. You can compare the prices of your rivals through the HotelRunner Bookine Engine and easily identify market-based prices. 

Encourage your guests to give positive reviews about you.

The hotel reviews published on online channels have a decisive role on your ranking.  You can improve your ranking by ensuring that your guests give positive feedback about you through these channels. You can encourage your guests to write positive reviews with discounts or gifts.

You may be providing a fantastic accommodation experience to your guests in your hotel. However, you need more than that in order to make yourself heard among larger audiences and increase your sales. The way you market your services is as crucial as the quality of the service you provide. With a well-designed marketing strategy, you can obtain a top ranking in online sales channels and increase your profits.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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