Latest Global Travel Technology News (May 2023)

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HotelRunner introduces AI-powered Review Center for enhanced reputation management

HotelRunner Review Center, an innovative solution that will fundamentally change the way properties manage their online reputation and form the building blocks of technological transformation fueled by artificial intelligence.

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Business, group travel to lead hotel demand growth in 2023: report

Business travel was up to start the year, with a large percentage of workers returning to in-person conferences and trade shows. And despite an uncertain economic climate, consumers have continued to prioritize leisure travel this year, and in some cases have even shown willingness to pay more for it.

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Single-use plastic packaging may be checking out of the hotel toiletry market

Washington state legislators became the latest to pass a bill banning single-use plastic packaging in hotel rooms. Washington’s law will begin Jan. 1, 2027, for 50-plus room hotels and the following year for smaller establishments — plus a $500 per day fine for those in violation (although fines max out at $2,000 a year).

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Revenge spending helped push prices higher

Spending on hotels, airline tickets and recreation surged after the pandemic. This summer could mark a shift back to normal.

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Saudi Arabia hotel boom prompts supply chain fears

Disruption to hotel development pipelines is expected in 2024, due to the unprecedented volume of construction in Saudi Arabia and a global logistics and supply industry not fully recovered from Covid-19.

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Fatih Tuncer

Content Manager @ HotelRunner

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