Leverage promotions to advance your mobile marketing!

Mobile phones are everywhere, and travelers increasingly use them to book trips and stays.

The first thing that everyone who is overwhelmed in daily life and wants to go on vacation is to start typing on their phones. Whether it’s getting inspiration about a potential destination or checking the availability of a hotel, it all starts on the phone. In fact, 54% of Expedia Group travelers are booking on mobile devices*. Targeting these on-the-go travelers on their mobile devices helps boost your visibility and drive more bookings.

Under these circumstances, it is not possible for a hotel to ignore mobile in its marketing strategy. Thanks to mobile marketing, hotels provide ease of access, enable fast transactions, attract potential guests on the go and thus encourage booking decisions. All you need to do is to ensure their searches find you.

Mobile promotions are a great way to advance your mobile marketing and increase your bookings. So, how can you create and manage mobile promotions for Expedia Group?

How it works

  1. Log in to Expedia Partner Central
  2. Navigate to the marketing section of Partner Central and select Promotions
  3. Select Create a Promotion
  4. Select Mobile option
  5. Define the booking dates and other details and restrictions
  6. Click Create – that’s it! Your promotion is now live to all travelers on Expedia Group mobile sites.

Create a mobile-only promotion for Expedia Group travelers today!


*Source: Expedia Group internal data, 2021-2022

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