Managing and planning human resources at hotels

Among the elements that set accommodation industry apart from others is the existence of direct communication between the staff and customers. Therefore, selection of each employee to take charge at your property, in other words, human resources is a crucial process.

Let’s narrow down and first try to understand the concept of H&R management. The purpose of H&R management is to bring together people with the same goal and help them work together collaboratively under best conditions and a regular and planned way that keeps efficiency at highest.

Let’s comprehensively analyze H&R, a crucial constituent of management for any property.

Objectives of human resources

Two main objectives of human resources are as follows:

1) To find and hire people who can make the biggest contribution to business and common goals, and to make use of their knowledge and skills.

2) To help employees from various positions with different backgrounds and characteristics achieve job satisfaction by providing them an enjoyable atmosphere.

Why H&R management is critical for accommodation industry has to do with the high possibility of direct communication between the staff and customers. Most of the time, the biggest expectation of a hotel guest is to have a good time during his/her stay. The hotel’s equipment and decoration and the properties, services, foods and drinks provided are just few of the points to be taken into account. However, the list includes more than that. Guest’s total satisfaction level is also shaped by courtesy, professionalism, characteristics and geniality of staff members.

Happy staff member = happy customer

Staff management is one of the aspects that can enhance customer satisfaction. However, one of the biggest mistakes when dealing with this issue is considering it in terms of organization and efficiency only. Although these two aspects are also critical, they will not provide permanent results unless staff members are happy and satisfied with their job.

The biggest problem: Uncertainty

Another different aspect of human resources at accommodation industry is that planning should be done seasonally. Since the requirement of work force at a property increases or decreases during different periods, employment and dismissal processes are experienced frequently, which brings about an uncertainty that has a serious impact on employee motivation. Therefore, keeping working with same people increases efficiency as it resolves uncertainty.

H&R methods

Methods such as “delphi”, “time series analysis” and “regression analysis”, all of which can be used for predicting the required number of employees, can provide a satisfactory analysis along with employee turnover rates and employee absence predictions. “Rate of employee available per room” also provides a helpful prediction. However, it will be more effective for you to build an efficient human resources management team at your property and develop your own calculating method according to your hotel’s properties.

Thanks to proper human resources management and planning, you can meet your property’s needs while maximizing employee and customer satisfaction, which will provide a visible benefit for your property in terms of efficiency and profitability. However, what you can do for efficiency and profitability at your property is not limited to human resources. We suggest you to take a look at the opportunities offered by HotelRunner and create your website in order to manage online marketing and sales channels, increase profitability and receive online reservations. Then, create an account for free to have more without using your credit card.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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