Managing your inventory on Expedia via HotelRunner is now much easier!

Our Product API integration with Expedia has been completed. You will now be able to create and manage all of your room types, rate plans, and room contents of the Expedia channel via HotelRunner!

What are the advantages of Product API integration?

  • Manage all your inventory from a single dashboard without logging into the Expedia Extranet.
  • Synchronize the information on HotelRunner with your information on Expedia.
  • Save time by creating your new room and rate types on HotelRunner and transferring them to Expedia.

You can complete the integration in two basic steps:

  • Make sure that your room types, rate plans, and room contents on HotelRunner are correct and complete.
  • Follow the “Channels – Online Travel Agencies – Expedia – About” steps and click on the “Synchronize content” link to transfer your information to Expedia.

Click the link below to connect to Expedia and manage your inventory via HotelRunner!


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