Methods to increase property profitability through employee satisfaction

In hotel management, the path to satisfy your guests might actually goes through having satisfied and happy employees. In this respect, it might damage the quality and even profitability of a hotel in the long term to focus only on customer satisfaction as an employer and ignore personnel needs and points of consideration that will help them build close connection with their job.

Employees dissatisfied with their job might reflect this negative energy to your customers. In this case, it might be necessary to understand reasons why employees are not satisfied and eliminate these issues instead of blaming or punishing the employees.

As HotelRunner,we have combined a bunch of suggestions that will help you satisfy your property employees.

Employee satisfaction as a type of management

Caring about employee satisfaction may be considered as an effective type of management. The relationship between the employer and employee is the foundation for the good relations between the customer and business as well. Therefore, you might need to pay attention to and care about each of your employees individually.

In the service industry, high-quality service principle is essential to customer satisfaction. However, that might not be possible for employees who lose their motivation. At some point, this might bring about results affecting brand image negatively. Therefore, one needs to bear in mind that employee satisfaction is directly proportional to customer satisfaction as a business owner or manager.

Customer satisfaction making a difference in the industry competition

In our era, Internet users can determine vacation destinations and check accommodation options through websites of hotels and online travel agencies. This means that it is necessary for hotels to develop distinctive features to stand out in the competition.

However, no matter how unique theme, architecture, dishes and location of properties are, nothing can affect your guests as much as happy and friendly employees that build positive relations. On digital channels, it is quite often to encounter positive comments on how friendly property staff is or negative comments if not so. These comments show, once again, how critical employee satisfaction is for customers.

What to do to ensure employee satisfaction?

Employees might different kinds of problems due to their private issues that don’t have anything to do with their job. If they are welcomed with a management approach that makes them feel valuable when they arrive at the workplace, they might be more attentive about avoiding reflecting these problems to their job.

At this point, it might a positive approach to appreciate successful work, and express such appreciation directly with the employee himself/herself and show such an employee as a model, just like you let them know about the mistakes made in the business.

It might also be useful to organize regular meetings where employees can express their problems, while you listen to them and take into account their suggestions. This will both strengthen your relationship with them and make them feel valuable.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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