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Methods to make your hotel’s Facebook page more effective

Facebook is among the most effective social networks you can use to promote your hotel and enhance your brand recognition. Being among the oldest social media platforms, Facebook is practical in terms of posting on and following and has more users than other social media platforms. These features of Facebook can make your hotel’s social media marketing activity more active.

However, it is not enough alone to have a Facebook page for your hotel to benefit from all advantages of this network. To make your Facebook page more effective, you need to determine a number of strategies. At this point, every brand has their own methods. You may also take into account some points when preparing your Facebook posts to increase your brand recognition and reach your target audience. Here are tips to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook page…

1. Content quality

To boost your engagement on Facebook, you should be mindful about your posting frequency and responding to the comments you receive, which are among the vital points to consider. Things to consider during these stages are as follows:

-When creating content;

Although creating quality and original content seems demanding of a large chunk of your time, everything has become easier now with mobile devices. With your smartphone, you can have more interesting photos with various filtering options. Thanks to mobile applications, you can add short texts to the images. This way, you cay create both interesting and original content in a short time.

-When sharing;

When sharing content, it will be easier to access your content to more people if you create hashtags related to the subject or image. At this point, you should be mindful about the frequency of sharing. Posting actively on Facebook is the most significant way to enable people who like your page to follow your content. You should be mindful about your sharing frequency to increase your engagement rate that is decreasing due to the algorithm changes performed by Facebook.

-When responding to the comments;

Responding to your followers commenting on your posts and asking questions about the content is important to prove that your brand is active on Facebook. Social networks not only enhance your brand recognition, these channels also support you in terms of communicating with your customers. Therefore, it is critical to care about users interested in your posts for brand reputation.

2. Posts about the region your hotel is located at

If you provide information about the region of your hotel and even enhance such information with storytelling methods, that will make your location more attractive for users following your page. Your followers might want to visit your hotel to get acquainted with the mystic or historical attractions of the region. Hotels providing accommodation in regions home to these stories can attract more visitors. In your posts, you can particularly feature interesting experiences in this region that can contribute to your guests and offer them an insight as to how they will feel during their stay.

3. Receiving support from hotel staff

If you share images demonstrating how your staff likes their job and how you adopt a friendly service approach, you will build warmer relationships and connections with your followers. You may include some of your staff members you determined as the smiling face of your hotel. This way, you may create both natural and realistic content.

4. Custom services

On your Facebook page, you can also share information about the custom services you offer in your hotel. For instance, information about and images of custom honeymoon decorations and offers might be helpful in this sense. Also, if you provide services tailored for families with children, you may highlight those as well. Providing information about your custom services tailored for the expectations of your target audience can increase your Facebook page’s effectiveness.

You may also utilize our tips and make your hotel’s Facebook page more effective. You might need a reliable solution partner like HotelRunner boasting of experienced experts to promote your hotel in the best way both on Facebook, which is the biggest social network, and other digital channels. Create your free-of-charge HotelRunner account and start receiving support for anything you need.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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