Methods to use feedback forms more effectively

Customer comments are vital for the accommodation industry. Measuring guest feedbacks is a pretty useful method to enhance hotels’ service quality and customer satisfaction. Especially the feedback forms completed by guests help properties with this. What should you do to encourage more customers to complete these forms?

A survey carried out by Software Advice, a hotel management research company, with 1936 hotels guests across the U.S. points to some tips to receive more feedbacks from customers for hotels. According to the results of the survey,

1. Customers complete feedback forms mostly during or immediately after check-out. Especially female guests are more eager to complete these forms.

2. Most of the time, guests prefer offering their feedbacks by completing printed or online forms, just like the way they are used to.

3. Although it is not a commonly-preferred method to encourage guests to complete the forms through incentives, credits for food and drinks at the restaurant and bar or entry to a drawing may motivate them nevertheless.

Let’s take a look at the details about this information acquired through the survey.

When do guests complete the feedback form?

35 percent of participants state that they complete the assessment forms during check-out at the hotels, while another 35 percent say that they fill the form within a few minutes after check-out.

According to the results, 17 percent complete the feedback form within a week or two weeks after their stay, while 13 percent do not attempt to complete this form.

Women are more interested in feedback forms

60 percent of female guests taking the survey state that they complete the feedback forms during check-out, while this rate is 40 percent for male participants. It can be concluded that female guests are more eager than men when it comes to sharing information and expressing their complaints.

The most preferred feedback methods

41 percent of participants state that they prefer completing the online forms e-mailed to them to provide feedback for hotels. 32 percent of participants point that they prefer the forms available in the rooms or reception as an feedback method. 22 percent use tablets when completing the form, while 5 percent access the form through a smartphone.

The effect of food and drink credits on feedback

46 percent of participants state that they are motivated by food & beverage credits promised to them after completing the feedback form. Accumulating loyalty points as a part of a loyalty card brings 22 percent of incentive, while 17 percent of participants say that they are encouraged to provide feedback when they are rewarded. It also motivates 15 percent to provide a feedback upon donations to charity on the behalf of those completing the form.

Guest comments are pretty useful for enhancing the service quality and customer satisfaction. The survey results we shared can help you use feedback forms more effectively. HotelRunner can help you carry your property to the Internet in the easiest way by maximizing customer satisfaction. Create your free-of-charge account now and start earning immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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