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Potential guests’ 3 expectations when visiting your website

Tapping into a wide range of your marketing activities in the online world, you are able to attract many potential guests to your website.  Although your visitors are already done with their travel plans to some extent at this stage, they might still have some questions in their mind to learn more about the properties they are about to stay at.  If you can answer their questions before your guests even ask them, you can make it easier for them to make their decisions.

Potential guests, both local and foreign, make detailed preliminary research on where they will visit.  They read comments about properties, check websites like Expedia and TripAdvisor often, and learn the experiences of other users through social media.  Their criteria may vary from the location and country of properties in addition to different variables. However, there are certain common questions asked by almost all visitors.  Let’s have a look at the possible questions and the explanations you should include in your website.


Room prices are one of the first things your visitors would like to learn about your property. Research suggests that customers do not like it when properties do not list any prices on their website and require guests to call them.  The new order of things requires transparency for preferability.

In addition to the information about your rooms and other services, you can also provide information about attractions like local festivals and amusements centers in a specific section of your website or on your blog if you have any.  You can also share information about the average prices of such attractions. This will be a great gesture in terms of featuring your property as as a source of information for potential guests who are clueless about your region as they are plan their budget.

Property reputation

Another topic in question is how prestigious your property is.  The best source of reference to provide your guests about this is the comments of other guests who stayed at your property previously.  You can publish comments of your satisfied guests on your website after you receive their permission.  Making use of videos and photos as well as images from celebrations and events can also prove much more effective in their decision-making process than you anticipate.  You can ask your repeat customers to write recommendation posts or interview them about why they prefer your property.


Your potential guests will naturally wonder how secure the region your property is located in is.  You can provide them with general information about the region of your hotel to eliminate their concerns.  You can give information about the security precautions in your property and share your recommendations through your website if any.

Apart from that, you can include details like transportation information and weather conditions on your website. Remember that your potential customers can have concerns regarding what they will encounter until they arrive in your hotel.  You can publish the details on your website to provide a preview of  the promised experience, and make it easier to make a decision.  Then you should provide them with a secure payment option to book online. HotelRunner’s virtual POS support can meet this need immediately.  Thanks to its elegant and clean preset themes and SEO support, you can have a robust platform in a cost-effective way. Create your account now to become familiar with HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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