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Retired couples making travel plans can become your best customers

It is crucial for online travel agencies to get to know different groups of customers and provide them with packages or tours that can meet their expectations. Although newly-wed couples or families with children are first to come in mind, there is another group that should not be overlooked: retired couples.

Many couples who see their children off after raising them want to make the best of the free time they can now spend for themselves. Since they do not have to plan their travels according to school holiday periods, they become more flexible than other groups when it comes to their vacation plans.

In addition to their flexible traveling schedules, there are two other significant aspects that distinguish the retired couples from others. The first one is the fact that they want to follow different travel routes apart from those that typical families follow, as they are not dependent on any children. The second one is that they actually have more knowledge due to experience compared to newly-wed couples or couples with children.

Here are some critical details for you to better understand the expectations of retired couples as a group of customers that matter for online travel agencies.

Off-season holidays are more attractive for the retired

The flexibility of retired couples in traveling encourages them to benefit from the season-end and off-season opportunities. They may prefer these periods of the year to visit places they want to see and avoid crowded places.

A more tranquil holiday

Travel plans of families with children might not suit this group. Retired couples mostly prefer traveling to places hosting cultural activities that are waiting to be discovered. Tranquil destinations where they can spend time along can also prove interesting for these couples.

Never too old to have fun

You might assume that retired couples are not into “youth” activities due to their ages. However, retired couples can be actually more interested than expected in discovering the nightlife of the locations they visit. As a travel agency, you might need to take this criterion into account when compiling packages for them.

Destinations of diverse cuisines can also satisfy them

We have previously touched upon retired couples’ desire to visit different places that are waiting to be discovered. Another important matter is their preferences as to discovering different cuisines. The variety of different restaurants can be limited when the case is families with children, or they may prefer cheaper options. As there is no such situation preventing retired couples from visiting different restaurants, they would be happy to try authentic dishes in local places.

By taking into account criteria such as freedom, flexibility and budget availability, you can create many more alternatives to attract retired couples. It is critical for you to announce the travel plans your online travel agency compiles for this age group on your website and social media. So, you have to have website with a simple and practical interface, easy to use by this age group. Well, HotelRunner’s numerous options can help you provide the best service for your customers from all different profiles. Just create your HotelRunner account to see HotelRunner’s offers and how it can support you for carrying your travel agency to the Internet.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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