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HotelRunner Experiences: Riad Les Trois Palmiers El Bacha, Morocco

Splendid 18th-century guesthouse, or riad as the Moroccans call it, in the heart of the Dar El Bacha district of Marrakesh, Morocco, Riad Les Trois Palmiers El Bacha is a story of love and dreams.

This riad tells the story of two people, who have a great desire to start something new and beautiful together. Caroline and Carpat chose Morocco, a country they particularly love for its beauty, people, culture, and hospitality, to embark on this experience. Before finding the right place, they visited 84 riads and finally decided on this one in the Dar El Bacha district falling for its charm. Three magnificent palm trees planted in the middle of the garden were the reasons to name this house Riad Les Trois Palmiers El Bacha.

After years of renovation, aiming to preserve the traditional Moroccan architecture while offering comfort and serenity, the riad took its final form. For more than 10 years, this luxury house continues to welcome guests from all over the world and offer an unforgettable Moroccan dream with its 13 bedrooms, 2 swimming pools, and 3 terraces.

During our pleasant meeting, Carpat Kech, owner of Riad Les Trois Palmiers El Bacha told us about how they started working with HotelRunner, and their HotelRunner experiences.

“After meeting Christophe Bazille, our contact person, we quickly decided to use HotelRunner as our channel manager exclusively. The best thing about choosing HotelRunner is having peace of mind, the simplicity of use, and knowing that we can be visible on a large number of OTAs, which wasn’t the case earlier. 

I definitely recommend HotelRunner. It’s an extremely simple platform to use, and very user-friendly. The support team is always available and very responsive and the price-quality balance is perfect for me.”

Carpat Kech, Riad Les Trois Palmiers El Bacha, Morocco

You can watch our video for the entire conversation. We thank Carpat Kech for this sincere conversation, and the thoughts he shared!

Emre Çorbacı

Marketing Communication Manager

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