Sponsored by HotelRunner, Imagine Türkiye Conference has ended!

The Imagine Türkiye Conference was held for the first time this year and took place in London with the Technology Sponsorship of HotelRunner.

The Imagine Türkiye Conference, hosted by HotelRunner, started with high participation. During the opening speeches of the two-day event, the importance of increasing tourism activities between Türkiye and the United Kingdom was emphasized.

The HotelRunner Team met with the leading names of British tourism and took the steps of new partnerships. Founder and Managing Partner at HotelRunner Arden Agopyan also attended the panel titled “Future of  World of Tourism – Türkiye – UK Relations”. At the panel, Agopyan talked about the role of HotelRunner, which also has an office in London for more than 3 years, in Türkiye and United Kingdom tourism relations and its contributions in the field of travel technologies.

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