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Start winning with these 4 significant activities before opening your property

Opening a hotel is planned and put into practice more professionally with the ever-developing technology. When it comes to opening a hotel, activities focus both on traditional and digital marketing methods as part of a strategic plan.

In this context, you can start interacting with potential guests and promoting your hotel even during the opening process. Also, when you listen to your guests’ views and opinions as well as include them in the process, you can ensure guest satisfaction before accommodating them.

Which kind of methods should you follow to attract potential guests, build engagement and gain competitive advantage before starting your property? Here are the preparations for you to do when opening a property…

Creating a website

By creating a website, you can start promoting your property even when it is in progress. This way, you will be featured in the search engines and boost your visibility. When you complete the project stage and start constructing your property, you will gradually extend your website content. Feature detailed information about your property and add high-quality photos on your website. Focus on the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in line with your website to increase your website’s performance in search engines as well. However, it would be ideal to specify a clear opening date for your property considering that your opening has not happened yet.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Tapping into SEO works, you can receive a high response rate by drawing traffic to your property’s website. If you want to take advantageous position of your competitors before opening your facility, you can benefit from SEO work.

It is not easy to reap the desired performance from SEO works in a short time. So, you will manage to be featured in the top search results by getting started with SEO works before opening your property to guests. If you draw traffic to your website before opening your property, you will obtain competitive advantage since your website will rank better than your rivals.

Social media platforms

If you become present on social media platforms before opening, your potential guests will know about your property. In addition to the commonly-used social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you may create a blog page to communicate your pre-opening experiences on a daily basis. You can also promote your property by sharing short videos you created on YouTube. Enhance your interaction with your potential guests through active and dynamic use of social platforms before opening the social platforms.

PR activities

Once you move to the construction process, you may also launch your advertising and promotion activities for your property. By putting large signs in different sections of the construction site, you may draw the attention of your potential guests. Feature on the signs the various photos of your property and planned date of opening. Change the photos throughout the construction to update your potential guests planning to stay in your property.

You may also issue press releases to inform the media prior to the launch of your property. Furthermore, you may invite press members to your property’s construction, show what kind of services you will offer and take them to your demo rooms through their on-site visit. If you share your property’s detailed information and different anecdotes with the media, you may make it to the local and national newspapers as well as magazines.

Take competitive advantage in the industry by completing the necessary preparations before starting your property. At this point, HotelRunner can become your biggest supporter to move your property ahead through successful methods in the digital world. If you wish, you can also create your account and claim your position in the digital realm in a very short time.


Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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