Suggestions to make your property more appealing to youth groups

Young people following technology closely benefit from online booking advantages for travels and hotel accommodations. They dedicate their holiday to the events they will enjoy with their friends, and often gather around from various countries and cities to visit touristic places. At this point, properties facilitating group bookings are one of the first preferences of young people.

Young people demand more dynamic and entertaining activities in the hotels they stay at. Properties wanting to satisfy them try to offer various services tailored for these groups.

What can you do to make your property more preferable by the young audience, and increase your sales? Here are some tips to help you satisfy your young guests…

Profiling these young groups

Let’s have a closer look into the young groups traveling together. Their age range is generally between 18 and 33. These groups might consist of university students, colleagues or couples going on a holiday. Young people can also accommodate in groups as a part of events, such as sports contents or bachelor parties.

Addressing this range of age using the Internet intensively and leading them to stay in your property with digital marketing strategies may improve your sales. This is because they perform all their vacation-related transactions like booking hotels and flights tickets on digital channels. In this respect, hotels should stand out with brand recognition and suitable promotion strategies across the digital realm to attract young guests.

Then again, what do they need in properties?

Free-of-charge Internet access

Free-of-charge and quality Internet access is among the primary needs of young groups as they want to keep their touch with the digital realm. Therefore, Wi-Fi tops their list of property criteria as it will provide them Internet access in anywhere in your property.

One should note that their deep interaction with the Internet is actually an advantage. Their check-ins and photos on social media will include your hotel’s name, which might serve an incredible promotion for you.

Group activities

Young people accommodating in groups prefer doing the activities together. This means that they need collective activities. You may ask your animators to create activities to entertain these groups as it will invigorate your hotel. You can organize tournaments, contents and dance shows which the groups may participate, so that you can also attract and ensure participation of other customers in your hotel through these activities.

24/7 meal service

For young groups, the day never ends as they prefer having fun no matter how late it is. This means that they might feel hungry later at night. If sufficient food stock is not available in your property’s rooms, you might need to have a 24/7-available kitchen. It is critical to provide meal services until the later hours of night to satisfy young people.

Game alternatives

Almost all hotels have sports activity equipments and water sports tools. However, you might also make available some games which the youth may enjoy indoors. If your hotel has these routines like five o’clock tea or if there are groups that avoid too much of sun during the midday, you can include some team games like Taboo, Scrabble and Jenga in cafes and bars that offer drink services.

Taking the advantage of these tips, you can also host more of young groups and increase group bookings. Create your account now to see the HotelRunner platform’s contributions to your property and enjoy online sales.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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