Take a grasp of market changes with competition tracking activities


While each industry builds its own competition market, it also builds a pricing policy, which maintains the competition among businesses.  In hotel management, hotels can be assessed with varied pricing policies depending on the size and services of a property. There might be price increases or decreases between small- and large-scale businesses depending on the situation of tourism and economy.

Such assessments might lead to changes in prices as they also undergo some changes from season to season. Therefore, businesses should perform follow-up activities for competition. It has a defining influence for the success of businesses to perform competition tracking and tap into professional consultancy to take a grasp of the industry and keep up with the developments. Boasting a team with this professional experience, HotelRunner helps you take a grasp of the market changes and claim your position in the competition.

Tapping into competition tracking activities, you can both come up with the best rates and analyze your position across the industry. You can also achieve success in the industry by taking advantage of HotelRunner’s competition tracking system.

Easily following up market-related data through the system

Thanks to its competition tracking, HotelRunner enables hotels to catch up with the rate changes in the industry and obtain other competition-related data. Going beyond the hotel websites, it also facilitates data collection and analysis through travel agencies.

Therefore, you can maximize your hotel pricing and boost your profitability once you obtain such data as a hotel.  Discover the competition tracking system of HotelRunner to expand your customer portfolio and build more effective marketing strategies.



Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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