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The 5 most unique hotels in the world

Every year the world’s best hotels are chosen by various sources. These hotels are chosen by taking into account a wide range of factors such as location, good food and architecture and promise a privileged accommodation experience for their visitors thanks to their unique features.

Some of these world’s most beautiful hotels have unique historical structures, while some stand out with an aquarium surrounding the bedrooms. We explored 5 hotels that are considered to be 

Hotel De L’Europe, Amsterdam

De L’Europe is located next to the Amstel river, in the heart of Amsterdam. In its luxury rooms, it offers modern facilities like iPad and surround sound system, in addition to its river scenery. It is a property where you can experience joy and modernism together.


Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is one of the properties maintaining high standards. Its ultra-luxurious rooms between the 102nd and 118th floors offer the breathtaking scenery of Hong Kong. On the top of the hotel rising over VictoriaHarbor are 5 restaurants and OZONE, the highest bar in the world.


GrittiPalace, Venice, Italy

Located on the Grand Canal in Venice, Gritti Palace has been restored to its former magnificence after completion of restoration efforts. GrittiPalace overlooks Santa Maria delle Salute Churche, which is among the most important historical buildings in Venice. Also all the luxurious rooms are equipped with various antiques and accessories made of Murano glass.



Aqua Dome, Austria

This amazing hotel has the breathtaking scenery of Ötztal Alps, spacious and elegant rooms and the only outdoors spa available in Western Austria. Aqua Dome Hotel’s marvelous architecture is in harmony with nature. Outdoor swimming pool and delighting spa practices are offered to guests free-of-charge in the spacious 2000 m² wellness area guests can access.


ConradRangaliIslandResort, Maldives

Located on 2 different islands connected to each other with a bridge, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is a property serving with spacious private villas. The entire hotel is made of glass and hosts the submarine Ithaa Restaurant and 2 award-winning spa areas. Stretching across a 500-m area within the Indian Ocean, ConradRangaliIsland has villas framed with wooden windows from the floor up to the ceiling, offering the beautiful sea or beach scenery.


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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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