The habits and hotel preferences of white-collar guests

Everyone deserves a decent holiday following a busy period of work. When the holiday season is getting closer, it is a reason for excitement especially for the employees who are defined as “white-collar” employees working at offices located in metropolises. Office employees carefully making their holiday plans to overcome the fatigue of the whole year do not accept any mistakes in these plans.

But do you know how white-collar employees plan their holidays, which properties they prefer and their holiday habits? Such details might help you accommodate more white-collar guests each year and increase your occupancy rate.

What does holiday mean for white-collar employees?

White-collar employees spend most of their times indoors at the office with stressful work most of the time, so holiday means tranquility and peace for them. Therefore, a large majority of these guests are less tolerant to possible inconveniences in the property. It is of top priority for them to enjoy the sun and sea or pool instead of dealing with problems during their limited time for holiday.

What do they expect from a property?

These guests demand diversity in terms of the activities and features offered at a property. Although they will be spending most of their time having a rest, your property can get ahead in the decision-making process while booking if it is abundant in interesting activities and features.

Most of them reside in large cities and regard the Internet as a part of their daily lives, so you should know that they would like it if they are provided with free-of-charge WiFi and a PC or a tablet they can use.

What type of properties do they prefer?

It is not possible to offer one single type or concept of property for all of the office employees. However, a majority of them will prefer luxury properties as long as their financial status allows it. But it is observed that white-collar employees who used to prefer resort-type properties tend to prefer boutique hotels in the recent years. Nevertheless, it is possible to say that what a property promises matters more than its concept. White-collar employees find it more attractive when properties offer a wide range of activities but actually promise a tranquil holiday option.

How do they plan their holiday?

White-collar employees start making holiday plans early most of the time. Properties better start their marketing activities several months prior to the season so that they can access these people who start searching months before the holiday. Therefore you will remain in their minds if you continue to carry out your marketing activities until the season.

Which accommodation periods do they prefer?

These type of guests tends to prefer weekends to make the most of their holidays. Preferring “long weekend” holidays including the weekends in different periods of the year with Mondays or Fridays included, white-collar employees definitely take advantage of weekends in longer periods of holidays.

You can plan your marketing activities by making use of the abovementioned hints to ensure that white-collar guests will prefer your property as an all-time significant group of customers for the accommodation industry. In the meantime, HotelRunner is always there for you to access your potential guests through your website, use social media actively and enjoy providing the option of online booking and direct online sales. Create your account now and see how the award-winning HotelRunner platform can benefit your property yourself.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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