The impact of accommodation properties’ additional services on customer satisfaction

Accommodation is one of the first services to come in mind about the tourism industry. Hotels and properties offer a wide range of services both for families and their children. Offering additional services can be a determining factor in the decisions of your potential guests who book through your website. Recently-popular SPA and fitness centers have taken the lead in the list of additional services that bring a competitive edge to your business.

The urban population across the world has increased and challenges such as work overload, coping with stress and obesity have emerged, leading to physiological problems. Therefore individuals’ expectations regarding the service and quality of the accommodation industry have increased accordingly. What kind of alternatives can you offer especially for your customers, who are interested in physical and mental health services and activities, which are called “wellness”, so that they will prefer your property again? HotelRunner has looked into the effect of additional services regarding customer satisfaction for you. 

Touch their spirits with the SPA center

Spa centers provide regular visitors with the opportunity of getting rid of the daily life stress at least to some extent. If you want your guests to relax a bit, you can feature these centers, which are said to reduce stress as well as have positive effects on the body. So, you can particularly draw the attention of your female potential guests who have a determining role in booking decisions. Having a decent and clean spa center, providing additional offers like steam baths, steam rooms and a hot tub, and maximizing service quality can all have a determining role in repeat preferences of your property.

Healthy life with fitness centers

When it comes to guests who want to watch their weight as they enjoy rich menus throughout their holiday, fitness centers are among the first offers they ask of. You can respond to your guests’ expectations without the need for allocating a high budget by making items like pilates balls, light and heavy dumbbells, hula hoops and yoga mats available in fitness centers. Featured in almost every hotel, fitness centers do not only meet the sports needs of customers aiming to be or stay fit, but also provide an environment where they can socialize in. Therefore, your fitness center staff should consist of people who are attentive, knowledgeable in their field and have strong communication skills.

Experts estimate that the effect of “wellness” will increase in the upcoming years in regards to achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can combine and offer a wide range of different alternatives for your customers, such as sport halls, tennis and squash courts, basketball halls, indoor & outdoor swimming pools, spa centers, massage rooms, steam bath and steam rooms. Also, package programs like video watching and gaming halls, cuisines from different cultures, tanning beds and hairdresser services are gradually becoming standard rather than additional services.

Thanks to the additional services you offer, your property will be preferred repeatedly and you can enhance customer loyalty. With its experience, HotelRunner is always there for you in promoting and marketing additional services. Create your HotelRunner account now and discover what we can offer you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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