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The importance of digital marketing for touristic properties

One of the biggest marketing strategies of touristic properties is to promote their services to as many people as possible. Digital marketing provides many advantages for these properties as an effective channel preferred to achieve these objectives. Hotels aiming to benefit from these advantages are listed among the businesses using digital channels actively for international marketing and advertising.

Studies show that potential customers generally search information about destinations or properties on the Internet and social media before proceeding to the booking step. It is a must for all touristic properties to be present on digital channels if they want to gain customers who make their booking decision according to the comments of other users who have accommodated in the considered hotel previously.

As HotelRunner, we have compiled some statistics from 2014, revealing opportunities offered by digital marketing for tourism industry, thus for hotels.

How much does a tourism customer use the Internet?

According to the statistics, over 4 million people visited the websites of tourism businesses engaged in digital marketing between January 1 and May 31, 2014 across Turkey.

Studies suggest that the increases experienced in January and May have to do with digital campaigns. Furthermore, 90 percent of users booking are affected by discounts of hotels or agencies when deciding to book. The study also reveals that 6 percent of a discount might affect the booking decision positively. Therefore, online bookings increase generally when early-booking opportunities are offered.

The importance of digital marketing for touristic properties

While figures of unique visits are like this, total page views point to a pretty intense traffic. Potential customers of tourism businesses visited a total of 256 million and 441 thousand pages on the Internet during the first five months of 2014. It is also suggested that page views exceeded 110 million throughout January and April. Increasing figures as shown in both statistics reveal that tourism professionals invested in digital marketing reap great results.

Opportunities offered by the Internet change the marketing approaches of all industries radically. There is a dramatic change in the tourism industry as well, which can be deducted from the statistics we shared above.

HotelRunner collects all these needs under a single roof for Turkish companies to become stronger in global competition It keeps serving the accommodation industry by growing steadily according to the needs of customers.

If you want to access your customers through digital marketing channels, you can create your free HotelRunner account and start using the features offered by HotelRunner immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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