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The key to success in content marketing for hotels

Many have been written on content marketing so far. In our era, content marketing is the most indispensable matter of consideration for investors who are engaged in every branch of digital marketing. The potential guests of the new era use technology much more effectively than the previous generation. As a result, a different social structure we have never seen before is being developed on the Internet. It is critical to follow new trends as part of sales channel management of your property. The path to achieve this lies in interacting with users.

Creating quality and useful content in content marketing is not only crucial for boosting your visibility in search engines, but also for ensuring user engagement. Although you are the creator of the main content, the content and comments by visitors and external professionals are vital to your blog or social network profile. Essential to satisfactory content, user engagement should never be ignored.

As HotelRunner, we have collected general information and complementary hints about content marketing for you.

Content types

Content can be treated under 3 main categories:

Original content: It can be defined as the content you create directly. Here, one should make sure to create content that is as much interesting as is useful. You should come up with useful content by considering not only your property but also its region. For instance: events, places to visit around and special dates.

Co-created content: Content co-created with others. By collaborating with experienced or prominent people engaged in your industry, you can take the advantage of the recognition and personal network of these people. You can feature them on your blog as guest authors and co-develop a video interview or a webinar cast.

Shared content: This category includes industry studies, the content created by actors who are not directly your rivals, and professional content marketing services. This content should be in consistent with the theme of your website or blog. External links, retweets and Facebook links can also be defined as shared content.

User engagement

Thanks to social media, consumers become a part of the solution and R&D process. Potential guests visiting your website do not only take the advantage of your value proposition, but they also add value to your website. With proper motivation and close follow-up, users become eager to contribute to your contents. To achieve this, you can post content that will encourage them to comment, and ask their opinions about a change you plan to make in your property. Award competitions are also among the tools to increase the number of your visitors, and enhance user engagement.

Focus on your target audience

If your property boasts a certain concept (for instance a boutique hotel), choosing your target audience accordingly will help you. Narrowing down and focusing on results in content creating is among the useful strategies to help you make your marketing efforts highly efficient.

The key point in content marketing is to provide your target audience with useful information as well as drive their contribution to your content. A strategic content marketing effort can help you increase the number of your online bookings by attracting more visitors to your hotel’s website. You can also ask for professional help to create the most quality content on social, web and mobile platforms. HotelRunner, an online management and marketing system that allows you to manage your property’s online content and inventory as well as accept bookings through all online channels, may be a great choice for you. Create your free-of-charge account now and start benefiting from the HotelRunner services.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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