The most delicious secret to customer satisfaction: Meal offers

Food & beverage offers are one of the most important services for guests in properties. Free-of-charge meal services are critical to satisfy customers. In addition to satisfying stomachs of guests, meal offers are crucial for tourism also in that they help promote the local cuisine. Many people travel to various regions of the world to learn about different cultures. Therefore, promotion of local cuisine is a significant part of cultural tourism.

Therefore, you need to care about the offers you will provide for your guests in your hotel. You can boost your property’s quality standards with meal offers you can present in restaurants, guest rooms or other areas of your property.

What are the most preferred and popular offers for guests? As HotelRunner, we have collected the hints you will tap into to satisfy your guests with various offers.

Lobby treats

You can create a great first impression by welcoming your guests with cold or hot drinks and appetizers, depending on the season, when they arrive after a long journey. Especially those waiting for check-in procedures in a busy hour can go through the procedures without getting bored thanks to your offers.

Welcoming treats in guest rooms

A little welcoming surprise can make your guests forget about their tiresome experience completely. Properties would like guests to feel as comfortable as they are home. A welcome treat may help you achieve that. Chocolates in small boxes and little basket of fruits can be most suitable treats to welcome your guests.

5 o’clock tea

5 o’clock tea can make your guests happy when they want to have some snack before dinner. Also, it might be good to offer some cocktails with or without alcohol as a part of the 5 o’clock tea concept, especially during summer.

Minibar treats

As minibars are not free-of-charge, they might not be preferred by some guests in properties where free meal service is available. However, some minibar products can satisfy your guests and they can be tempted to use the minibar if you offer some little-sized products at no charge.

Check-out treat

When seeing off your guests, you can offer little surprises so that they can leave your property satisfied. A little package of a cake or small-sized beverages can help you maximize your guests’ satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

Meal service is critical to build a quality property image for your guests. Quality and hygienic treats focusing on customer satisfaction can provide your property more benefits than you can imagine. If you also want to share your quality with more people and increase your income, you can take advantage of online booking. Create your HotelRunner account now and start earning with online sales immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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