The role of your staff in reputation management for your property

For properties that are operating in the accommodation industry, reputation management is not limited to popular hotel reviews websites only. Your potential customers are able to access numerous articles on various websites, blogs and forums, thanks to a simple search activity they perform on Google or other search engines. Similarly, Facebook and other social media channels have a great role in affecting hotel reviews. And it is evident that the majority of guests are influenced by such reviews when they decide on which hotel to book, which brings reputation management into a whole new dimension.

Positive reviews by guests have the potential to determine the entire success of a business, let alone reputation. Nevertheless, reputation management is a demanding process that requires time and continuity. Therefore, it requires collaboration among your staff members.

How can employees contribute to reputation management?

Reputation management is part of teamwork!

Customer reviews are pretty much worth caring about. We believe that you are already aware of it. When the case is reputation management, these reviews can work also as a guideline for the optimization of a property by providing essential information for businesses. What matters at this point is to handle and evaluate these data, assisted by the collaborative effort of all departments of a property.

Social media, which has a critical role in reputation management, concerns many departments and requires collaboration. You can have efficient results within a short time by incorporating departments such as HR, marketing, income management into the reputation management process.

Encourage your employees to adapt themselves to innovations

If you have not dealt with reputation management as part of teamwork before, this will be a new practice for the majority of your employees. A new practice might pose some confusion, while it might not be adopted and approached by all employees in the same way. It is indispensible for a business to provide their staff with necessary training, and regularly inform and guide them to enhance motivation.

Evaluate the data obtained

The employees who work in the sales and marketing departments can directly determine the expectations and dissatisfactions of guests regarding their own businesses, rivals and the brand. These valuable data can provide productive and efficient results for marketing and sales if your employees are able to interpret and use them properly.

Keep your content up-to-date

Another point to consider when it comes to reputation management is to keep updating the content on social networks. You can involve many of your employees in this process. They can help you with sharing lots of content including activities, contests and events organized in your property or just seasonal news stories. If you create compelling content, your customer’s perception of your brand will be enhanced.

As we mentioned at the very beginning, the success of a business depends on the organization and collaboration among its staff members, which undoubtedly is the case for social media as well. HotelRunner is there for you to manage all the existing social networks and receive direct online bookings. Create your HotelRunner account for free and have the opportunity to see our offers for your property.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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