The secrets of perfection in guest relations

One of the most important criteria for success in the accommodation industry is to provide your guests with unforgettable experiences that will remain in their mind as memorabilia after they leave. In some cases, what helps you achieve this is your relations and communication with your guests rather than the distinguished services you offer. Each one of your guests should be accompanied by staff members who smile and care about them during their stay at your hotel.

Perfection in guest relations is only a matter of subtle nuances. If you manage to secure the level of perfection in guest relations, your guests will not only leave the property satisfied but they also recommend you to their close friends, so that you can access new guests.

Now let’s see what you should do about this…The secrets of perfection in guest relations

“We Are Happy To Accommodate You!”

First of all, you should make them feel your appreciation regarding their preference, which begins by greeting them with a smile. The most effective way is to make smiling as a must-do at all stages of the interaction. We suggest you to read this article we previously posted on the HotelRunner blog.

Proper Communication

Eye-contact with your guests and calling their names when addressing them will please them. When it is not possible or appropriate to call their names, you can address them with terms like “Madam” or “Sir” to show respect. It will be useful to communicate in an intimate yet kind and discreet way both on the phone and when talking face-to-face.

Phone calls should be replied as soon as possible. Particularly, the guests who have a request or a problem should not be kept waiting. If the phone rings more than three times due to inconvenient conditions at that time, thanking the customer for holding on is a good idea to prevent any possible tension before it emerges.

“We Care About You!”

One of the ways to make your guests feel good and enhance their satisfaction is to show them that you are always available to respond to their requests and expectations.

It will be better if staff members pay attention to your guests instead of chatting with each other indifferently or being busy with trivial chores. Your guests should never experience the feeling that they are being neglected.

Stay In Touch

After welcoming a guest and accompanying him/her to show their room, you should ask on the phone whether he/she needs anything. Also, after solving the problem of a guest you should make a follow-up call to confirm the problem is handled and your customer is satisfied.

This way, your guest will also stay in touch with you, and problems will be resolved faster with open communication, before they even emerge.

“We Are Happy To Serve You!”

Your guests should feel that you are happy to serve them. It is highly important to ensure them that during their stay, employees will meet their needs at shortest notice and with pleasure.

At every opportunity, ask if you can do anything else for them. This will make your guests feel comfortable and at home.

When your guests check out, tell them that you would be happy to see them again, saying goodbye genially.

All of these are essential tips for all your staff members to keep in mind and follow. Satisfied guests will prefer you again for their next travel and recommend your hotel to other people. Of course it is critical to provide them with the opportunity to do this easily when they would like to stay again.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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