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The travelling habits of the new generation

Societies change constantly and each new generation has different traits than the previous one. In our era, we can include the young population between the ages 18-30 in a separate category with their unique habits and life style. This social-media-addicted generation form a tech-savvy community, who use the Internet in almost all parts of their life and a large majority of this community are either studying at college or have just started working. They are more dynamic, versatile and social compared to the previous generations. We cannot even express how crucial it is for an online travel agency to be familiar with this new generation and offer the most suitable options for their expectations. It is necessary to find new approaches to communicate with this generation instead of trying traditional marketing techniques. As HotelRunner, we will introduce you to this new generation and their characteristic habits.

A generation that is always “online”

The new generation of users cannot do without Internet access. They are always busy with the Internet almost in every moment of the day, especially after the popularity of smart phones and tablets have increased.  When they are on holiday, they communicate with their friends and families mostly through the Internet. They share the places and properties they visit, and even the food they eat, on social networks. Therefore, they generally prefer places with Internet access.

Mobile life

Since they are addicted to mobile devices, they often make use of mobile-compatible websites and applications related to travelling.

They are explorers rather than tourists

The most distinctive feature of this generation is that they do love researching. They make the most of the innumerous sources provided by the Internet for them. Before making travel decisions, the new generation of users take their time to make a preliminary research on the region they plan to visit and check reviews, related photos and videos. They also prefer customizing their travel programs as much as possible.

The desire to see extraordinary places

The new generation finds authentic places attractive due to their interest in discovering.  They prefer discovering unspoiled wildernesses rather than mainstream places visited and photographed by everyone. They like sharing these discoveries on social networks. They mark the places they visit on a map, thus even mostly-unknown places become popular in a short time. As you can see, the Internet claims a significant place in the lives of new generation users. Therefore, it would be a great investment if you converted your travel agency to online. HotelRunner can help you expand your agency to the Internet. You can create your account now to get started to use the advanced features offered by HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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