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Things to consider when placing Google AdWords ads

Internet ads are among the primary methods used by hotels to increase their online bookings. Search engine ads are also preferred by companies. At this point, Google AdWords is considered to increase the number of bookings, being the easiest and fastest ad type to measure and develop.

Google AdWords might be the right choice to boost search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in the accommodation industry, where competition is fierce. However, there are some points to take into account in Google AdWords ads, just like in all other digital marketing methods. HotelRunner lists things you should consider when planning the setup of Google AdWords.

The number of keywords

Google AdWords allow you to include a maximum of 5 million “keywords”, with a limitation of 20 thousand for each ad group in your account. However, it might not be possible to create that many keywords. 10-30 keywords might generally prove sufficient for each group of ads. In this respect, you may create lists of phrases consisting of 5 or 6 target-oriented words. Preferring a lower number of keywords depending on your budget might be more useful in terms of having a better performance.

Grouping keywords correctly

Grouping the keywords correctly is another topic to consider. For example, when you want to mention the pools in your property, you may avoid including phrases like “adult pool” and “health pool” in the same ad group. Instead, you can group words in a way that directs clicks from keyword-related ads to correct pages or use these phrases separately. Bearing this in mind, you had better include words like “adult pool” and “health pool” in the same ad group, which will make it possible to prepare a different ad text for individual words in both groups and use correct links.

The importance of choosing matches

Another significant detail for Google AdWords is to match the keywords with correct categories. If you do not “match” your keywords with anything, Google AdWords will assume that you made a general matching, thus will unnecessarily try to match all keywords with all categories, with some being irrelevant. To continue with the pool example: if you do not match the “pool” word with the related page, this word will display in search results for everyone searching something about a pool. So, you might have to pay for the clicks of users that are not in your target group. This will both increase your ad expenses and confuse your potential customers for in vain.

Choosing negative keywords

You can ensure that your ads are protected from unwanted clicks by choosing negative keywords. You can use this strategy to avoid damages that might occur to your advertising budget. For instance, you can include services that are not provided in your property in the list of negative searches. This way, your ad will not be viewed by users searching services that are not offer in your property when people search accommodation properties in engines.

Checking the ad

After preparing your promotion, you might later regret for considering it “great” at the first stage. Do not trust your own taste in ad campaigns. Instead, you should take into account figures reported by AdWords for you. Checking your ad frequently, you can diversify your titles and links, follow the click rates for your different ads as well as try to come up with better slogans and texts accordingly.

HotelRunner keeps serving the accommodation industry by growing steadily according to the needs of customers so that Turkish companies become stronger in the competition. If you want to access your customers through digital marketing channels, you can create your free HotelRunner account and start using the features offered by HotelRunner immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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