Tips for increased hotel security

Hotels serve two main purposes: offering a comfortable stay for guests and ensure security. Balance matters when it comes to measures to protect guests and their belongings. Guests want to feel secure.

However, measures should not be to an extent that would disturb them. You have many options to ensure this delicate balance while increasing security of your hotel. We, as HotelRunner, have compiled some of them for you.


In our age, technology comes to everyone’s aid in every aspect of life. Accommodation industry is expected to make the most of technology to ensure security.  Closed circuit security cameras, which allow monitoring of hotel’s lobby and corridors, are a must for middle and large scale hotels. Moreover, an increasing number of hotels provide emergency devices, if requested, that describes the location via GPS when pressed. Electronic security cards may also work in your hotel’s favor, in order to prevent access by unauthorized people to certain parts of the hotel.

Personnel training

Technology acts as a facilitator, not as a substitute for humans. If you want to establish security in your hotel, you need to first deliver comprehensive security training for your personnel to make sure that they know what they are expected to do in an emergency situation. Each member of the personnel should be communicated in detail the security protocols when they are on and out of duty. Seminars should also be provided to make sure they have healthy communication with guests in emergency situations.

Inform your guests

The priority is the security of your guests and their belongings. Thus, risks would be much lower if they are informed of the security protocols applied in your hotel. While informing your guests, your personnel may make some arrangements, when appropriate, in order avoid unnecessary panic or negative experiences.  Or you could just leave the security protocols in guestrooms.

Identify security areas

Hotel security should not only cover indoor areas of the hotel. Note that security of outdoors areas of the hotel, accessible to guests or personnel, should also be ensured. Make sure that these areas are equipped with security cameras and sufficient amount of effective lighting options. A possible breach of security could be easily prevented thanks to the measures covering parking lots and similar outdoor areas.

Reputation of a hotel would also be shaped based on a well-established and secure environment, in addition to comfort and experience offered. Today, paying meticulous attention to security is an indispensible part of reputation management for hotels. While you’re taking measures to ensure security and comfort of your guests, HotelRunner will be guiding you through anything you might need including management and marketing of your hotel. Join HotelRunner family and start increasing your sales…

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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