Tips for more satisfied guests

Actually, it is not very difficult to make guests who will never forget the time they spend at your place.  Many people would first like to have comfort, safety and pleasant time among many other expectations from their hotels. However, those main expectations are already met by majority of the hotels as a standard. What makes a hotel distinctive and memorable in the eyes of guests is generally hidden behind small details.

Such small details help you satisfy your guests even more and make their time at your hotel memorable, while ensuring their repeated visits and helping your guests recommend your hotel to their loved ones. However, these details may be forgotten during daily operations.

To help you to remember and find them whenever you need, we have compiled little secrets for you to attain more satisfied guests…

Do not keep them waiting for check-in

Most of your guests arrive at your complex after an exhausting journey and feel more tempted to go in their rooms for a rest or to visit the restaurant for a full stomach. One should appreciate that guests’ tolerance limits may not be necessarily high during check-in. Note that it is very difficult to get rid of the effects of a negative first impression. That’s why it would be in your favour not to keep guests waiting at check-in.

Free Internet access

For many users, Internet is a fundamental right today. Having to pay for the Internet is often regarded to be a major setback for your hotel. The profit you could make from paid access to the Internet would create customer dissatisfaction, leading more to loss than profit in the long run.

Free snacks and beverages

Guests may well prefer to pay for a unique dinner experience in the restaurant of your hotel. However, most guests would be satisfied more than you can imagine with a lovely treat of snacks or beverages, when they’re hungry or thirsty during the day. Even at a restaurant, a delicious plate of starters offered as a treat could make a big difference for customer satisfaction.

Quality bathroom amenities

Most of your guests probably have the habit to bring in their own materials as they do not trust shampoos or similar bathroom amenities offered at hotels. However, by affording a small amount of cost and offering bathroom amenities with a reliable brand, what you will gain in the long run will be higher than your spending.

Free of charge transfer

Free of charge transfer and shuttle buses may also be welcomed by guests, even if it is not a high cost service in general. If the size and guest capacity of your complex allows, free-of-charge transfer to the airport or a shuttle bus between the city center and your hotel could play a major role in satisfying your guests. Taking the hotel’s capacity into consideration, you could offer this service to those who have made bookings earlier, if your resources are limited.

Do not overlook families with children

For families staying at your complex, details concerning their children are generally the most important ones.  That’s why children should be among your priorities. Particularly mothers, among your guests, would favour you if you could provide safety covers on electrical outlets and cradles or milk heaters, when needed. Moreover, offering little surprise gifts, such as a balloon or a painting book, at check-in could be very effective to win over the hearts of families. If you could offer snacks and beverages for kids during the day and outside eating hours, it would bring you another thumbs-up.

Of course, your guests could feel satisfied with clean, comfortable and safe environment at your hotel. However, if you want to see them looking forward to come back and recommend your hotel to the others, such small details would come in handy.

Naturally, for you to focus on such details, guests should first check-in to your hotel, which means that you should sell first. We know the tips that will make you happier with unique advantages we offer as HotelRunner. Sign up for a HotelRunner account and experience the difference…

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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