Tips to build customer loyalty through hotel decoration

Hotels always aim to provide highest quality service under all conditions, without considering for how long their guests will stay in which rooms. Hotel decoration is among the most critical points to ensure that guests feel they are provided with quality service in all parts of the property and to build customer loyalty. Good quality hotel decoration in all areas from lobbies to restaurants, from guest rooms to meetings halls is crucial for creating a positive property image and building customer satisfaction.

It can be concluded that service quality and property standards are the primary features distinguishing a property from others. A unique property ambiance, good quality decoration, practical and appealing rooms and an impressive lobby can help you create a good property image. What should you consider in which sections of your property for a hotel decoration that will boost the visibility of your service quality? As HotelRunner we have collected tips for an attractive hotel decoration for you.

Lobby decoration

As anyone would know,  first impressions are highly critical. Your lobby is where your guests get their first impression about your property. Therefore, you should welcome your guests with a lobby that has a warm environment and gives ideas about your service quality.

For an impressive lobby design, you can use a decorative table, colorful plants and flowers. Also, some modern paintings can help you create a warm and impressive environment depending on the size of your lobby.

Restaurant decoration

For your restaurant, design is an element as important as the quality of food you offer. By using good quality furniture inline with your hotel’s overall decoration and using various paintings, you can create an impressive environment for your guests that they can cherish during their dinner.

Ball and meeting halls

If you have a ballroom reserved for various celebrations and events in your property, it is critical to decorate this area in accordance with a good property image. You should pay attention to the visual elements of the furniture, walls and floor coverings in this area to host splendid weddings. Similarly, if you have a conference hall that is comfortable and equipped with all kinds of technological infrastructure, it can enable companies to choose you for meeting organizations.


Your guests will probably spend most of their time in their own rooms at your property. Above others, these rooms need be marked with comfort. The must be a harmony between the furniture in your room and the illumination, along with a comfortable bed, which are all a must for good room decoration. Choosing pastel colors is useful for creating a peaceful environment in the rooms. Also, you should not forget the sunblocking curtains for a peaceful sleep.

Hotel decoration is among the important issues to consider to create a positive property image. You can also build customer loyalty and increase your income by considering the tips we share and offering a quality service. You can also make use of the advantages of online booking by building your website to share your property’s high quality services with more people and increasing your sales. Remember that HotelRunner is your biggest supporter in this. Create your HotelRunner account now and start earning with online sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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