Tips to enrich your menu with healthier options

The ever-changing world brings about developments and changes almost in all industries. Changes in food industry are also among these. Reducing carbohydrates in meals is becoming increasingly appreciated all over the world.

In our era, global gastronomy has started to adopt cuisines with reduced level of carbohydrates. Many property managers today feature carbohydrate-free foods in diet menus. High-carbohydrate diets have had a primary place in the cuisines of many countries for centuries due to their delicious taste and the feeling of fullness they give. Since we have been following a high-carbohydrate diet based on bread, pasta, rice, grain and potatoes for centuries, it might be difficult to replace them with new food trends.

Here are methods to satisfy your guests hoping to see carbohydrate-free options in your menu…

Those on a diet and who care about eating healthy foods consider starchy and fatty foods as enemies. Eating carbohydrate-free foods is a lifestyle also for people with coeliac disease, gluten intolerance and insulin-resistance. To protect their health, these people have to pay special attention to what  they eat. You can make some slight changes in your menu to make a difference and satisfy these guests.

Menus with high-protein foods

You can prepare menus containing seafood, red meat and chicken to address those trying to avoid carbohydrate.  A menu with high amount of protein rather than meals containing high amounts of carbohydrate will be delicious as well as evoke the feeling of fullness for your guests.

Another alternative: Eggs

However, protein-high options can be a bit costly. Therefore, you might also offer recipes made of eggs for those who would like to eat cost efficiently. Accordingly, you can consider offering different types of omelettes.

Vegetables are also an excellent option

Menus prepared with vegetables can also prove to be an excellent choice for these kinds of guests mentioned above. Cabbage, leek, lettuce, roquette, chard or watercress will be great treats in terms of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. These kinds of foods can help you offer a wide range of tastes that can be enjoyed both by your vegetarian guests as well as guests avoiding carbohydrates.

Whatever you choose, you have to adopt providing the feeling of fullness and delicious tastes as a satisfaction principle which you should not neglect. Featuring different offers in your menu instead of carbohydrates and renewing your menu can be a great opportunity to diversify your overall guest profile.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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