Tips to ensure that families with children prefer your property more often

Families with children constitute a considerable part for the guest profile of properties. It can be argued that being a children-oriented property is critical for business revenues. Being the top choice of families requires revising your services and offers in light of this objective.

In our era, how friendly a property is for families is highly associated with hygiene and security. It is possible to provide an enjoyable and unforgettable holiday experience for parents who need to look after their children throughout their stay, and strengthen the reputation of your business at the same time. Sharing this burden with parents is one of the methods to enhance customer satisfaction and provide added value for your property. Achieving these is not as difficult as you think if you make some improvements in your services.

Besides, this becomes even much easier with the features offered by HotelRunner.

Child-oriented entertainment

We can recall our childhood memories and observations about other people to identify the difficulties families with children are faced within a property where all entertainment activities are designed for adults. When families observe that their children are not happy due to the lack of fun activities, there will be a risk of indirect decrease in customer satisfaction. You can make a notable difference by hiring professional and experienced staff members to cater for the children and preparing child-oriented entertainment activities. Some hotels feature children’s clubs dedicated to this end. If you do not have the opportunity of offering these in your property, you might think of collaborating with venues around you like amusement parks, swimming pools and playgrounds which are interesting for children.

The size of rooms

One of the biggest needs of a family with children is larger rooms. Mostly designed for one or two people, rooms might be insufficient when children are involved. Therefore, you may consider efforts to provide larger rooms for families during planning or renovation stage or off seasons, if you have the chance. Multi-room suites offering a private section for parents and children in some hotels can be attractive for crowded families.

Extra services

You better elaborate on subtle design ideas and extra services to draw the attention of families with children. For instance, you can think of having smaller versions of furniture like chairs and sofas specially designed for children. You can also offer feeding tables or a swing or basic services to help families with babies. You can supply cribs and platforms in bathrooms suitable for changing diapers and make basic materials like diapers and powders available for your guests. Such details enhance customer satisfaction as well as provide extra income.

Prices tailored for children

Discounts for children are among the most important offers for families with children. Many properties can offer special discounts for children under a certain age or prefer not to charge families with children for the stay of their children. Such discounts can be a reason for your property to be preferred by families who cannot afford extra spendings for their children.

HotelRunner’s innumerable features include the capability to easily define special discounts for children in your inventory. Therefore, when your guests book from your hotel, you can define the percentage-based discount you have previously made for children, which will increase your sales to families with children. Create your HotelRunner account for free now and start earning immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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